The hand he deals you…


“Everyone makes excuses for them.”
“They make excuses for themselves.”

“Life is just hard for them, they never get lucky with their cards.”

“God hates me”

“I was put in this world to suffer”

“Their love was tampered by life, they were delt the wrong set of cards.”

God never deals anyone the wrong set of cards, he gives you the perfect hand for your life and situation. It’s how you play the game that results if you win or lose it all.

Stop making excuses on why you couldn’t or can’t get through something.
Stop making excuses on why you’re making the hard times harder.
Stop making excuses for your bad decisions, or why you hurt someone, or why you disrespected them.
Stop making excuses on why you’re a shitty person and/or treat other’s like shit.

We are the cards in our own game, we decide how we play our hand and what results in it.
It won’t be a perfect game, there will be times where you will be down and times where you’ll be up.
You won’t always hold the higher hand in comparison to those around you, but your time will come and if you cherish what you have and play fair…

You always win.



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