De un lugar 

Me siento nostalgia, de un lugar que ni estoy segura si existe? Tengo un sufrimiento que no se ni de que es, ni de que se trata; solo sé que aquí permanece… extrañando la felicidad de ese lugar. 

Uno donde mi corazón está lleno, mi cuerpo y único ser es amado, mi personalidad es apreciada y entendida, y donde mi alma se siente entera. 



It’s about…

It’s about what you do to live; to feel alive and actually be present. It’s about making life beautiful for others, and touching lives with your kindness and love.
It’s about unity, humbling down and understanding that you might not be able to walk in someone’s path but, you can give them a pair of shoes to make that walk easier.
It’s about giving those in need the clothes that was once on your back, sharing the bread the lord has blessed you with, or simply being a helping hand.
It’s about seeing that every time we unite, the universe changes; every time we reach out and touch a heart or a life, the world changes.
It’s about kindness, because with every kindness and service, seen or unseen, you are truly living and not just existing.


Freedom of speech 

“You know what’s actually pretty disrespectful to the american flag? 
The confederate flag.” -Twitter post
So, I got some good friends that think Kaepernick is really disrespectful for kneeling for the flag. 
I see their point. 

And I actually do agree in the sense that standing up and saluting our flag during the national anthem is a wonderful gesture of respect for all of those who have fought for this country, for the freedom we have had (because other countries don’t have much of it at all), and for the pride of being an American. 
But, I get his message that THIS America is no longer that America we knew. That America we should be proud of. It just isn’t because the racism has seeped out of underneath the rugs and it’s literally EVERYWHERE. 
So I began to think of the bigger picture…

Y’all know what I was thinking? 

In football when someone gets hurt you kneel right? It’s a sign of “respect” que no? 

Anyways, the issue here is what? The white supremacists acts AND the kneeling DIVIDE us. 

But no one wants division, division puts people out of place. Division on one side means people are opening their eyes and they’re tired. Tired of the bullshit. 

So what is the true issue here? It’s not that much that he is “kneeling,” it’s that some one is out of “place,” and that’s what they don’t like. 
So, if our leader was a REAL leader. He wouldn’t be calling anyone a “son of a bitch,” instead he’d be calling all of them or non. He’d address the division and state that it needs to stop. That we are a beautiful and diverse country that the color of our skin and our background shouldn’t define how we get treated or what we do or not deserve. 

But, that be in a country where the leader didn’t in courage this freaked mess in the first place. 
So maybe both sides are wrong… or are they? 

Isn’t this what these Anglos call “Freedom of speech”? 

I am the daughter of an immigrant 

I am the daughter of an immigrant. 

I am the prayers she whispered as she crossed and left her country. 

I am the pursuit of happiness that led her to the unfamiliar. 

I am the sacrifice she made as she dealt with betrayal, abuse, and discrimination. 

I am the encouragement that didn’t let her give up when in frustration, as she struggled with her tongue because she didn’t speak the “native” language. 

I am the voice she didn’t have when belittled and forced to be silent due to fear and embarrassment.

I am the hope for that dream; that better life she chased that was supposed to be on the other side. 

I am the daughter of an immigrant, and its my job to represent her with pride. 


Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. 

Say goodbye to those who hurt you, envy you, disrespect you, and betray you. 

Always protect your innocence and your soul, because in the end it’s you and yourself that matters. 

Your inner self has to be emotionally healthy and stable, in order for you to be able to shine and be the very best you!