A question from a reader…

Tonight I received another “critic”

One of my readers asked me…

“Why are you so bitter about your last relationship?

I understand cheating is wrong, but do you ever think that maybe he just didn’t love you anymore?”

I don’t want to sound mean but, you really need to move on and let him be happy!”

Now I wasn’t going to respond to this, because obviously my “reader” is not a big fan of my writing…

But, eh why not?


I’d like to start by defending myself a little and state that I have moved on.

I am very proud to say that I have taken it into my own hands and forgave him for all of the pain he caused me.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been happier. Honest to god!

However, I understand why my post about infidelity make me seem “bitter.”

So let me address it for you.

I am not bitter, and the pain I had felt was not because, he no longer “loves” me.

Also in my defense, I have never done anything to bother him, or hold him back from his happiness.

When I think of a cheater, I think of a student glancing at her/his notes under the desk very quickly because she can’t seem to remember the term she studied about for hours!

I think of a card player winning a game of Black Jack only because he counted the cards.

You see, this action that ruins relationships between two people who have promised a commitment to each other isn’t “cheating.”

This action is more like…

Lying, betrayal, disrespect, abuse, broken, murder, selfishness, and of course weakness.

So, my dear reader…

The pain I or ANYONE has felt after being “Cheated” on isn’t a reaction of “not wanting to move on” OR not accepting that maybe he “just didn’t love me anymore.”

If I am being honest, I think I’ll never know if he actually loved me.

I know he loved the idea of me?

I just don’t believe you can intentionally hurt someone when you love them.

You don’t kill the persons trust for you when you love someone.

When you truly LOVE, you don’t intentionally hurt the person in the same way more than once.

As I was saying…

Cheating is so painful because it makes the one being cheated on feel like they were at fault.

You see…

You fall in love with someone who could never and has never loved you back.

You make excuses, you defend, and you protect this person.

You FIGHT with all your might to try to convince not only those around you but, YOURSELF that he/she is better than how they are representing themselves.

You fight for the good you see in them, until the ugly over powers you and smacks you down on your ass.


You feel like an idiot.

You feel stupid, low, ashamed, and embarrassed.

You begin to regret all the chances you gave them, and start asking yourself… ‘What were you thinking?”

You are left there to pick up the pieces up on your own.

It ends up being all on you to accept the apology you might never receive, to forgive someone who doesn’t need your forgiveness, and to forget.

Now, I don’t mean forget as in forget about the person… because once you’ve seen how bad they are for you, that is not so hard.

But, forget as in forget all the fight you gave, only to lose.

I never thought of myself as a woman who makes bad choices…

So, when I was left alone to accept that this time around I had…

I guess it tends to make you a bit “bitter” so you say.

So to answer your question…

“I am not “bitter” about getting “cheated” on, I am disappointed I fought for something that wasn’t worth fighting for and that is what my posts are about.



How I started writing…

When I was younger, I’d shut down.

My way of dealing with my emotions, was to not speak to anyone.

My mom hated it!

When I was about twelve, or so?

My mom started dating a guy who she was really excited about, and during that time she was leaving me more with my sitter to go on dates with him.

I got home after dance one night asking her “what’s for dinner? Did you make enchiladas!?” (excited voice)

Her response was… “No, I’m going to order you a pizza instead, your nina is going to watch you and I’ll be home a little later.”

I was so upset…

I shut down, went into my room, and locked the door.

My mom kept asking me to open the door, and I wouldn’t respond.

I made her skip the date.

Hours later she was angry and yelled “Kelsey, pro favor! Stop this, what is going on?”

I opened the door and yelled “I’ll tell you what’s going on, you are so worried about being a (insert mean word here) that you don’t care about me anymore!”


My mom smacked me so hard, she bruised my face.

My mom had never hit me, ever.

But I had also NEVER called her anything like I did that night.

Days later…

Many sorry’s later…

I still was not speaking to my mom.

So she bought me a Journal.

and she said…

“You don’t need to talk to me. You don’t need to forgive me. But you have to stop doing this to yourself! I’m worried about you mija, whenever anything happens, at school, here, ANYTHING, even stuff that isn’t under your control, you shut down! This isn’t good for your health, it doesn’t help me understand what’s wrong, and it scares me.

So do it for you, for me, or for who ever but let it out some way?”

I remember looking at that journal thinking… This is stupid…

and many journals later…

about four years ago…

I opened my blog…


My grammar STINKS.

I get criticized ALL THE TIME.

My friends text me…

“Hey you miss spelled”

“Hey you forgot this”

“Hey that is supposed to say this”

I was the kid who was good at math.

However, writing makes me feel better, it helps me and I know some of my pieces have helped others.

So, no matter how much criticism I receive.

I am a writer.



Today I realized that I am a “chance” taker.

I take chances.

Mostly emotionally, but I take chances.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I try to always see the very best in every single person I come across.

I am not sure what it is but, I believe that everyone comes into our lives for a reason.

It might not always be a good reason, but in the end…

there is always a reason.

Putting myself out there works, for me.

I do not allow my pride to hold me back…

I feel, and I express it loudly with out a care in the world.

If you hurt me, you’ll know.
If you make me happy, you’ll know.

If I am angry, you’ll know.

and sadness,

oh sadness…

it’s probably one of my most painful faces I can show.

My tears are there, and the pain pokes out my clothes.

Not only can you see my emotions, but if you are close enough…

you can feel them.

But I can say it works for me, this is how I live.

I don’t pretend, I can’t.

I’m real, I’m raw, and sometimes it’s ugly

but everyone has an ugly.

I don’t wait, at least not anymore.

I use to wait, hide, shield…

My mom would tell me… “Smile, wipe those tears and smile. Do not let others see your weakness.”

Many times she’d say “Ay Kelsey, you are too sensitive.”

As I grew I learned how to compose my emotions (Don’t worry I don’t walk around in public crying or something like that…)

I do smile, but I allow myself to feel and express myself first.

I approach the situation how I feel is correct or will work for me.

Once I’ve done that; I can finally breathe, look forward, and move on.


I take chances, and I am finally accepting that.

I am okay with this.

I know that sometimes I WILL get exactly what I want from taking these chances…



Sometimes, I will get hurt.

Sometimes the outcome just won’t be what I wanted.

Sometimes I won’t get what I was hoping for.

and sometimes, or many times…

I will be disappointed. 

I am okay with this.

Because I can at least live, knowing I took the chance that my heart told me to take.

Today I realized that I am a “chance” taker.

I take chances.

But, I actually live.

If I died tomorrow, I would go in peace knowing that I actually lived

How many people can actually say that?

Some people die a long time before their hearts stop beating, I refuse to be one of them.


“You make me better”

The other day I had a conversation with a friend, and she was sharing something with me. In the convo she stated that her significant other had once told her…

“I love you, because you make me a better person.”

So after we hung up, I got to thinking and I went back in time for a bit.
I thought of the two serious relationships I’ve had, the little ones I’ve had and even back to my first boyfriend I ever had.
I thought of them all… one by one.
I found myself wondering if they ever made me better?
If I ever made them better?

Of course the first boyfriend and little relationships before my junior year were more of a… joke?
I don’t know if that’s the proper word? (I don’t want to sound mean)
But, they weren’t serious at all, we were kids, or they weren’t long enough to be anything.

However, I did think of one person I dated or “talked” to in H.S, and I can definetly say he made me “better” or had a positive impact in my life.
He was a Senior and I was a freshmen, and he had it all together. He knew what he wanted out of life, and just what he had to do to accomplish his goals.
He was an athlete and very involved in other school activities.
Even though our relationship only grew into a friendship, I continued to learn a lot from him.
I can honestly say that after him…
I began to really jot down my career ideas, what I wanted out of life, and how I was going to accomplish it all.
and till this day…
We are actually still friends, we always check up on each other, and he is currently attending Medical School.
He has always been a true inspiration.

However, I couldn’t get myself to find an exact thing that made me better while I was in any of my relationships…
and I honestly don’t think I ever told any one  “You make me a better person.”

But I knew that it didn’t mean they didn’t, I spend a long time in two serious relationships so there was something that definetly kept me there.

The first serious one will always be the most caring, and sweetest relationship.
He was my highschool sweetheart.
And even though I always wanted more “us” and less “us and friends…”

He was honest, loving, and truly loved me unconditionally.
We were just on different roads for the future, and different ideas on what we wanted.
I guess you can say our maturity levels drove us apart.

After it ended…
I could probably say he made me caring, and if I took anything from this…
would be that he made me know exactly HOW I want to be loved and how I DESERVE to be loved.
The love was true and pure.
We were just kids, but I know it was real.
and I rememeber him saying…
“Someday you’ll KNOW my love was true.”
and that someday definetly came.

The second one, well…

It helped me find my cultural identity.
One good thing is that, I learned how to love my roots and to really enjoy where I come from.
We shared the same religious believes, he turned up the Spanish music when it was on the radio, our conversations were never boring, and we had a lot of similarities…
It felt like “home.”
But the lies ruined it.

After it ended…
I call this one “The best thing I never had.”
It made me realize how important my independence was to me, and it taught me what I don’t want in a relationship. It opened my eyes to see how important honesty is to me, as well as team work.
It also made me realize that in my hectic life, there was no room for weakness, insecurities, and fear.

The two lovers were very different, but together they did make me better. Through the good and all of the bad…
Thanks to them I learned exactly what I want in a romantic relationship, and even though one had more good than the other they both taught me a lot.

My next question was, did I make them better?

Well, it wouldn’t be fair to sit here and be conceded and say that I did…

“I’m the best thing you ever had!!”
Lmfao Just kidding!

But I do rememeber being told that I did, and remembering that was very pleasing.
I remembered all the times I shared with both of them and how I encouraged them to never give up on their education, to strive for more, to be positive, etc.
I rememeber the first guy wrote an essay for school about me and how much of a positive impact I had in his life.
(I still have it, in my “Highschool Memory Box”)
He laminated it and gave it to me.

The second guy said it a couple times, but then again when it ends so bad you can’t help but wonder what was true and what was a lie?
But with this guy, I know I did a lot for him, because I might have tried a little harder. I learned from my first relationship that I use to give up to easily.

Anyway, after that conversation and thinking back to my previous relationships…
I realized something…

I realized how important it is to be with someone that makes you better.

I think as people we tend to get mesmerized by the “potential” or “idea” of the person.
I think, we forget that the bonding of two people isn’t all about the looks, or the “spark” you felt when you first looked into their eyes.
The bond of you and someone else should make you a better man/woman, than you already were when you were with out them.

He/she should naturally motivate you to succeed, and accomplish your goals and dreams; instead of holding you back.

He/she should be willing to be a part of a team with you, so that you guys can build a strong empire… TOGETHER.

He/she should make you feel lo

ved, appreciated, and comfortable in your own skin.


He/she should respect your own identity. He/she should know that you two won’t always agree on everything, and might have a lot of differences. However, they should respect it, and appreciate it.

He/she should make you want to tell them…
“You make me a better person.”


There is nothing more painful than silence.

Not knowing if the other person misses you…

Wondering if they want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them…

Thinking of how much you wish you could share something with them…

Reflecting on all the things you’d share, say, and do…

There is nothing more painful than silence, you find yourself wishing that phone would ring again.


I still laugh…

I still laugh at the day it happened.

So much cowardly in one phone call.

Promising me that with time we would meet again, that someday our love would continue.

I rememeber laughing that day as you stated your pathetic promise of “we will meet again,” as you used it to justify your decision to throw it all away.

What you didn’t rememeber is what kind of woman you had been with, what kind of woman you had known for over so many years…

I already knew you and what you were capable of.
I knew everything you did to the girl before me,
and I knew what you had done to me.
I already knew about her.
I knew I was being replaced.

Yet I played along and said,
“Yeah, maybe we will. The world is round for a reason right?”

I still laugh at the day it happened, because even though I listened…
I was praying our paths would never cross again.


*Old piece I never posted:)