I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. 

At times I feel I know my purpose, and at times I am unsure. 

All I know is that a single footprint does not leave a trail. 

Therefore, I plan to travel and continue to inspire until I leave a pathway in the hearts and lives of many. 

Kbeautifulmind ❄️


May the goodness of Christmas be with you today. May your spirit be filled with hope and faith. 

May you find the true meaning and enjoy it peacefully, as you cherish all of those near you and hold them dearly. 

May your eyes glow as you see the joy, and your heart flutter with peace and love. 

Merry Christmas too all and to all a blessed time. 


This town looks the same, December’s still considered the best of times. 

Nothing has changed, they still light up the tree on Myrtle Ave. with many lights and the carolers still sing on Friday nights. 

The streets in town are filled with decore, just like they’ve always been filled before.  

Your favorite house still lights up so bright, and Santa still drives around town sharing his Christmas spirit with all the children at night. 

This town looks the same, December’s still considered the best of times. 

Yet, to me this holiday is just another cold winter night.

Christmas films are no longer enchanting and even though it’s that time of the year…

I don’t feel the cheer even with music, tamales, and family near.

Where did the magic go? 

I desire to know…

Because, I don’t feel the spirit anymore…

This town looks the same, December’s still considered the best of times.

It’s just not the same without you here.


I try to learn everyday… 
Como te ves a ti mismo, una vez vi a mi mismo; como me vez ahora, te verán. 

-Proverbio Mexican 
Usa tu voz, no te quedes callado/a, 

escucha para aprender,

enseña para compartir tu conocimiento. 


Always work on being your true self. 

There is nothing wrong with change or progress but, be real. 

Real outshines bullshit and it’s more admirable and appreciated. 

Eventually, individuals can see your bullshit. 

Like everything else, bullshitters give off an ora that’s felt and it’s not very appealing. 


December 10th, 2016 

Today’s advice: It’s okay to allow yourself to be angry, hurt, frustrated.

But never, I repeat never, hold a grudge or a chip for too long.


Well simply because bitterness keeps you from advancing, and keeping yourself in good spirit.

You don’t want to live that way.

Allow yourself to forgive, move forward, and find true happiness.