I’m the same person


“I’m still the same person, you just got to see the bad side of me”

Yesterday as I was ringing up a customer at the register I had a horrible experience, this lady was in the worst mood a person could be in. She was very upset because our athletic clothes only went up to size XL in youth sizes and she needed an XXL for her son. As she walked up I could tell she was upset but I still greeted her very nicely asking her How she was doing and she responded…. “I hate this dam store, you guys never have anything that fits my son, his game is in an hour and to top it off I couldn’t find anyone to help me out” I apologized for the in convenience and continued to ring her up. Than she had the nerve to tell me “Could you stop taking your sweet as f#$%ing time” Like if it was my fault that she bought three hundred dollars worth of clothes that all had the alarm activating protectors on them. I hurried up not even folding her items and than I asked “We no longer give out bags for free did you want to buy one for your items or will you be carrying them out” After this it was like I just said “Your kid is fat that’s why he cant fit in to our youth clothes, you should start cooking more healthy, your husband and you fight because you don’t know how to communicate your issues that’s if your not divorced yet, and your mad at the world only because you want to be,get your life together learn to have confidence in yourself and it wont be so hard.” She got so upset with me that she started yelling asking me “How are you going to dare charge me for a bag after all the dam shit I just bought for you? My money is the reason why you have a dam job!” and she grabbed all her stuff and left…

The truth I was upset! I wanted to jump over the counter and attack her like a Lion after his lunch.

Than I began to realize that her actions were nothing personal she did not know anything about me she was just mad at the world do to her personal issues.

Unless she was like that all the time? Than my prayers go out to her poor family.

At my lunch I was finally able to relax, however I couldn’t help and continue to think of how much of a mean person that lady had been. So I began to think of all of the times some one had told me “I hate you” “Your so rude” “Your so mean, I don’t like you” “My friends don’t like you because you were mean to me”

and I said to myself does that mean I am a horrible person? or did I just make some poor choices?

and well that’s everyone’s own opinion however I always have gotten more positive feed back about who I am than negative feed back and the truth is that I KNOW I’m not a horrible person and I know that lady wasn’t either.

Sometimes life can get so hard that we don’t know how to handle it.

So I say…

Never allow the judgement of a handful of people define who you are specially if its from a incident that happened on a bad day. If you know you’ve made some poor choices or have made the mistake to mistreat someone with out taking their feelings into consideration. Understand you made a mistake, explained what went wrong and why you reacted in such way and truly apologize if your sorry. Than if they do not forgive you just let it go, pray that they forgive you some day and move forward with the intentions of everyday improving your life style to become a better person.

and If your the person judging someone and hating them because of one incident where they hurt your feelings… Let it go! Think of all the good time you’ve had with that person and remember they are only human and like you deserve to be forgiven for that incident. Don’t trash talk them or represent them as a horrible person to the rest of the world for than the issue is with in you, and holding on to that grudge is only going to hurt you in the long run.

Thank you for reading;



Its not about the money its about the power

“How much money can a person spend?”

My inspiration for this post have been many things from seeing how hard I work every day and how fast money can go, to all of the world wide issues we have today.

A couple of nights ago I sat at Starbucks as I watched the presidential debate and I began to wonder what life would be like if we were all equally financially balanced… What life would be like without so much greed?

The other day I ordered myself a pair of shoes I been wanting for a while now, they cost me $120.00 dollars which by the way only cost the makers about $3.00 to make. After my purchase I began to kick myself and say “This was not a NEED it was a WANT.” Later on I told myself… “Relax you have taken care of all of your responsibilities it was something you deserved!”

Then I began to think am I the only crazy one that thinks this way?

There are people everywhere that buy things just to feel better about themselves and feel more powerful…

Research has shown there are people all around the world that suffer of diseases like Bulimia, Anorexia, as well as Kleptomania due to the influences of the media and the Hollywood life style. Just like these diseases you have shopaholics and attention seekers who feel that the material things of life are what really matter. People have lost everything they once had because they did not know how to budget their money, others have also found the need to steel to get that “thing” they want. Last but not least Californian’s are breaking the law and cheating the government system of help to fulfill the desire of having nice things they cannot afford.

The truth is; “It’s not about the money it’s about the power”

People do not buy things because they can afford it; over half of California owes a lot of money to credit card companies. So you began to thing “Why would people want to be in so much dept?” The truth is it’s the power, that feeling that makes some one feel complete or happy to have things they cannot afford just to shove it in the faces of toughs less fortunate.

And with that said I leave you with this…

Stop trying to be something you’re not. Remember that looking like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, or having the fine things that Kim Kardashian and her sisters have don’t make you a better you. What is life if you’re trying to live your life in the shadows of others? When you try to live your life like someone else you hide your true colors and the beauty of who you really are and what you represent. The material things will never bring you happiness, after all when you die you take nothing with you so why not live life for what you truly are?

Do things for you, be grateful for your health and the people that are still by your side. Live life for its true beauty and be glad for the chance of making it through another day in this planet. Do not forget where you come from and remember no matter how much money you have or what you can and cannot afford, always ask yourself “Is this a want for me or for everyone else?”

Thank you for reading;