This one’s for you guys…


This one’s for you guys the few and the brave, who trade in their boy pants and at such a young age decide to become men.
Not fully understanding the risk you take, until you are on the front line with you’re hands on your gun, the ones you love on your mind, and your heart full of faith.
This one’s for you guys, you soldiers in the ranks, you volunteers, and protectors of man kind.
You brave women and men who risk your lives, and your peaceful rest to take a chance for the people knowing that you might never come home again.
Who bravely fight, and must be fierce to protect our country, while we live on our lives being mindless day after day.
This one’s for you, the strong of the crowd, who see the blood, feel the fear, and shed the tears so that the rest of us don’t have to experience the distress.
This one’s for all of you the one’s who have gone, and came back home.
We appreciate your service, even if it doesn’t always show.

Happy Memorial Day to all the Soldiers.

God bless ya’ll!

Ingredientes to be the perfect lover…

Under promise, because your intentions should never be to hurt the one you love.
Over deliver, because there is nothing better than seeing a genuine smile on that special someone.
Be a Best Friend, because there needs to be friendship to make it last.
Be honest, because the truth will bring peace to your lovers mind and your conscious.
Plus lies will ruin EVERYTHING.
Communicate, because you want to unlock the answers to their needs and help them understand your’s.
Apprecite, because as beautiful as you see them someone else has noticed them too.
Cherish, because every moment spent with them can be your last and sadly nothing is forever.
and last but not least…
ALWAYS love and take care of yourself and your needs; for you can’t truly and deeply love them like they deserve if you are not at your best.


Her smile was a glowing reflection from the memories of his hands tracing her body, the feeling of his lips on hers, and the sound of his voice that sings to her heart.
of the man that weakens her mind, making her fall deeper every single time they meet again.