Make me your home

Make me your home, no need to continue spending anymore nights alone.
Let me be the covers on your back as I hold you close, caressing your chest and feeling the beat of your heart full of joy.
Let our toes meet at the end of the bed, as a shock sparks through our bodies sending the desire we have for each other to our brains.
Let me explore you like no one else has done so before, let me be the one that gives you the crave to always want more.
Make me your home, I know you’ll look forward to me at the end of the day.
I promise you baby there will be no regrets.



Through her

“I don’t miss you”

He told her…

She truly didn’t care but she listened.

“Because I knew that was it. So instead countless amount of times I make love to you through her, I hug you through her, I kiss you through her, I picture your face on hers, I treat her like I should have treated you. I knew that was it, so I’m with you through her.”
He shamelessly told her…

In that moment she knew that his memory of her will forever remain and he’d continue to love her through HER.


Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.


Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.
Make him fall for what you represent.
Give him “brain” before the intercourse, feed him your knowledge and inner being.
Be a work of art that must be appreciated, and set your value high and not too easy to seize.
When you undress from your clothes and bear your naked body for him to see, what a special treat that will be, but let it be dessert not an appetizer cuisine.
Make him suddenly register he’s been starving, and watch him as he wants to gorge in your physique.
Let your body be the treat, after you have showed him what you portray and he has become a glutton to your intellect.
Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.

The sacrifice

I wish they’d understand the sacrifice, a sacrifice she made for someone she loved.
She took on a responsibility she never desired, as a matter of fact she was so careful in her own personal decisions just to never be in her shoes.
The struggles of her hero were the birth control she used in order to never fall in the same hole.
I wish they’d understand the sacrifice, a sacrifice she made for someone she loved.
She took on the responsibility that no one else wanted, if they only knew how many people told her no.
She had no choice but to leave them to her, she had no choice but to put her kids in her hands.
They both knew this would be hard, they both knew she’d lose and be the one to come in last.
But she asked her…
And she accepted.
She made a promise and as hard as it may get, she won’t break it.
I just wish they’d understand the sacrifice, a sacrifice she made for someone she loves.


Oscars For Change


The Oscars has always been an event that many America’s look forward to because well, movies are BIG in our country and society.
Last night we had some of these honorable people of the media that many of us look up to give some wonderful speeches about change.
Common and John Legend spoke of racial rights, which was very touching because Common is one of the biggest lyrical geniuses there is in the music industry.
Alejandro Inarritu spoke of equal respect for immigrants which was very close to home for me because I am very proud of my people and where my family comes from. It also touched many Mexicans world wide as they continue to fight for their rights in this country but also the Mexican’s that are in their motherland fighting to have a fair governmental system.
Graham Moore told us all to stay weird! There is nothing better then that as a motivation that lives do MATTER and that if we are ever feeling down and want to let go, we shouldn’t!!!
And then came the ladies…
Women rights is a world wide issue.
In today’s society when you have women like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose who desperately downgrade themselves for attention and are willing to do anything to get it, real women get over looked because these women are modeling in nudity or starting twitter fights just to stay in the spot light.
Patricia Arquette reminded us last night of the importance of what it is to be a woman in this country and entire globe. She showed us what we truly need to focus on and be like, instead of being a woman who “Breaks the Internet.”

So with that said….
Remember ladies this is your time to be inspiring, honorable, and desiring with out reveling too much.
Show the people around you what you’re made of and what you have to offer with out needing to downgrade to the level of disrespect.
Make a difference in this reality instead of honoring or wanting to be like these non talented reality chicks.

Be a feminist.
Give feminism the power it deserves.
Let’s stand for our ladies world wide and make a difference.👊

Wake up Generation-Y, this is our World, our Country, our Society.
Why continue to honor non talented men and woman who are willing to do anything for the spot light?
Instead lets honor and be inspired by those who show us all to stop with the racist shit and prejudicism, to fight for our rights and BE ourselves! 👊


Living the dream.

Everyday is a start…

Life is pretty hard to deal with sometimes.
No matter our age, gender, or class we all have our own personal struggles that affect us in a certain way.
Some of our struggles might seem ridiculous to others, but to us they can affect us so much that it makes it hard to live with them.

It’s easy to always assume that if we had what others have we wouldn’t be so “devastated” with our lives.
That is false.
That’s what’s wrong with today’s generation.
We are so stuck on the idea of
being like…
having like….
because the people, media, and entire society are teaching us to be anything but ourselves. They have set these standards for us to act or want to be a certain way at such an early age that we grow up lost.
Lost and desperate in having what isn’t for us and being what just isn’t us.

However we can still put a stop to this, self love can be adopted by anyone.

Everyday is a start of something beautiful. It might not seem beautiful as our struggles or stressors haunt us on to the next day after sleeping through the night; but it truly is. It’s the start of something beautiful because it’s an opportunity for change. Change can be hard when we have the pressure of life and society pressing against us making us feel like we must stay stuck, but it’s up to us to believe we can break free.
If we motivate our selves and don’t wait for motivation or approval from others we accomplish to break free and discover ourselves and our abilities to be better, live happier and feel healthier.

Everyday is the start of something beautiful if we love ourselves.

Inspiring all of you to not look for the greener grass on the other side but to nourish and care for your grass to see how beautiful and green it already is.


                  Break free, be YOU.


Living the dream.

To think I was tired…

Exactly a year ago this picture was taken.


To think I was tired.
Tired of sleeping in cold hospital chairs.
Tired of sleeping with fear as I constantly woke up to look next to me in bed and make sure you were still breathing.
Tired of watching you moan with pain and sob with fear.
Tired of watching the woman I’ve always seen struggle for her kids, now struggle as she fought for her life.
Tired of seeing the strongest woman I ever knew get deteriorated by and ugly disease that made her weak.
Tired, I was tired of watching you slowly wash away in front of me, knowing there was nothing I could do.
I was tired, but as hard as time was then, I’d go back in the blink of an eye.
Because even though It has gotten easier….
Today Im tired, tired of missing you and waking up to a stoned box that is very beautiful but can’t hug back.
Tired of waking up to silence because it doesn’t tell me “Buenos dias huevona”
Tired of crying to it knowing it can’t talk back when I need you.
Today marks 10 months since you been gone and I know its selfish and you are in a better place but Im tired of missing you and I wish you were here, even if we were still fighting this battle.
I hope the angels know what they have momma, because I really miss you.