She took everything life threw at her with a smile.
Yes there was times she broke down, but she made sure to do it alone.
For she refused to give any one the power to see that even a strong woman like her felt like giving up at times.
She got close, but never gave up, because she was unstoppable.

Nothing makes sense…


Nothing makes sense sometimes…
“Why do people enter our lives?”
Why do things happen to us?”
I use to sit there and I’ll admit I still do at times and tell god, or who ever is up there that can hear me…
“Have I not been through enough?
I mean we been getting it since I could remember life?
Don’t I get a break?
Is there no happy ending for me? For us?”

But then time gives us the answers we need, and helps us understand why exactly is it that some people don’t stay in your lives, why you went through the life struggles you have been through, why you were given such responsibilities, and even with time as much as you don’t want to accept it, the death of your mother begins to make sense.
It’s all a part of life.
So I keep going because I still believe in happy ever after, in meeting my goals, my dreams, having my own family someday, meeting the one who just knows he wants to love me and only me for the rest of his life as we watch our little stinkers live and BE wonderful from that love we share.
I still believe in people, in their hearts, in their pain, and most of all I still believe in myself.
After everything, I believe in ME, and I know my time is coming, the day I can look up and say…
“This is it! Everything I deserve is right here!”

Remember guys, even when it doesn’t make sense, someday it will!!!


“Forever be what I need myself to be”

I’ll forever be what I need myself to be, and nobodies stopping me.
For no words, thoughts, or actions from those who spread poison can affect me.
You see, I’m not your ordinary woman.
My heart grew more intact as the result of my battles.
I some how survived and became immune to all the struggles.
And yes the tears will still appear at times, but don’t let that be a sign of weakness, it only shows I still got feelings.
Being able to feel in a life as hard as this one is a blessing as well as a choice.
For I have chose to take my struggles and let them build me, instead of break me.


The hand he deals you…


“Everyone makes excuses for them.”
“They make excuses for themselves.”

“Life is just hard for them, they never get lucky with their cards.”

“God hates me”

“I was put in this world to suffer”

“Their love was tampered by life, they were delt the wrong set of cards.”

God never deals anyone the wrong set of cards, he gives you the perfect hand for your life and situation. It’s how you play the game that results if you win or lose it all.

Stop making excuses on why you couldn’t or can’t get through something.
Stop making excuses on why you’re making the hard times harder.
Stop making excuses for your bad decisions, or why you hurt someone, or why you disrespected them.
Stop making excuses on why you’re a shitty person and/or treat other’s like shit.

We are the cards in our own game, we decide how we play our hand and what results in it.
It won’t be a perfect game, there will be times where you will be down and times where you’ll be up.
You won’t always hold the higher hand in comparison to those around you, but your time will come and if you cherish what you have and play fair…

You always win.