He was choking her

He was choking her.

She was lost in his eyes not completely understanding what was drawing her in.

He gave her a kiss so deep, so passionate her lips began to feel numb, yet she just couldn’t resist.

He had her gasping for air, as he traced her body with his finger tips.

He was choking her, it was something she had never felt before.

She tried to control her breathing as his tongue explored her;

From her neck,

to her breast,

followed by her belly button,

down to her thighs and back up to her mouth.

He was choking her, kissing her softly, picking her up slowly, moving her in a rhythm that made her explode.

He was choking her, as he devoured her, filling her with so much love that she forgot how to breath.



7 thoughts on “He was choking her

  1. It was eerie with sexual gratification that a word as harsh as ‘choke’ could bring. I was cautious with this poem afraid that I would be tampering on a realm of sadistic love linguistics. but this harrowing poem ignited rapture for a love that was deep rooted in desire and forceful lust.

      1. Not forceful to the sense of rape culture but forceful with the way it surrounded her. she was overwhelmed by this lust and it was so forceful that it was all that she could think about. This was my interpretation.

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