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What is Chemistry?

Ever kissed someone and felt like the world stopped right in your tracks?

A feeling so deep that feels as if there has been some kind of chemistry you’ve never felt before?


Ever kiss someone that could be perfect for you. You seem to have so much in common with the person, and they are the ideal person you want to build a future with but, all you feel is sexual excitement? As if anyone else could give you that feeling because you are just horny? Not exactly a connection?

I’m sure most of you have answered yes to both of them.

My friend and I were talking about Chemistry between two people and the difference of it with soul recognition. We wondered how exactly that worked and if maybe we are too picky as we are both people that wish to find the person that makes us feel a unique chemistry as well as comes along and excites our soul.

So it got me thinking, and asking myself…

“Kelsey, have you met any one of your soul mates?”

I’m honestly not sure if I have.

and if I have, the only person closed to being one of my soul mates was my H.S sweet heart.

But if my ex-boyfriend wasn’t my soulmate, what was he?

and… what was the guy I dated after him that gave me similar feelings as I had once felt with my first boyfriend, but even better.

and… Why would I feel that way if him and I weren’t anything serious?

and… why is it that any of the guys I’ve dated and talked to since, can’t seem to make me feel the same?

Could I be shutting down and not allowing the feelings?


is there really no chemistry at all?

My mom use to tell me that we have three soul mates in this life…

My friend agrees.

I also heard from a man once… “Every man gets three great women in his life. One of them is usually his mother, so if he’s already had one good one, he better not screw it up with the next one because she could be the last one.”

So, what exactly is chemistry?

well, weather you believe in soul mates or not…

I’ve come to discover, that I believe that when souls recognize each other, thats what makes the chemistry.

I believe that maybe you do have a couple of soul mates and that not all of them are technically put in your life for sexual/romantic relationships.

You see, chemistry is important.

It’s indescribable.

You can feel it when you meet someone and like them, no matter the gender and “how” it is that you like them, and you can feel it when you don’t like someone or can’t seem to stand the person at all.


I believe that chemistry IS soul recognition.

Our souls were meant to recognize certain people with an importance that tells your body and mind “this person is one of us, this person would be good for our life.”

Chemistry is what makes these magical moments. It’s beautiful, wonderful, and uncontrollable.

You can’t fabricate it…

It’s what makes that kiss feel like the world has stopped in your tracks.

A feeling so deep and full of chemistry because you were meant to connect with that person in this life time…

So how could you be meant to only feel that three whole times in your life?

In my belief … Impossible.




It wasn’t the rose


It wasn’t the sand, the hugs, the rose, or the small talk that made me still smell the ocean from that night.
It was the way we rushed into each other with such deep craving.
The way he kissed me deeply, making me feel desired and missed.
It was the way he lifted my dress slowly making me shake with excitment with every touch of his finger tips.
It was the way he entered me for the first time, fueling my hunger I had for his touch.
It was the way both of our hearts rushed and our throats gasped for air.
It was that erotic, explosive way he made love to me, that still makes my stomach drop everytime I go back to that night.


If you’re sharing it, you ain’t winning.


Unfortunetly in today’s time, we are all to blame for the way people hurt each other and compete for something or someone that isn’t even worth the fight.
Today relationships are losing their meaning because no one is committing anymore, and “couples” are now stuck in “situationships” for months on end…
No one appreciates what’s in front of them, people have no self respect anymore, or respect for others.
Everyone is trying to keep their options open, yet treat all their options like they are the only one.
There is men/women who lead on other women/men, into making them believing that they care, into making them feel special and manipulating them into falling for the potential they are, yet not letting them know if they will ever actually be something more.
Yet the way they treat you, tell you they care, hold you, kiss you, and sexually please you, you can’t help but fall.
So what happens when you fall?
Well you become competitive, you get jealous, you want to be respected as the only one like you are being treated, and now the fight starts with “the other women/men.”
However, the one person who started it all, sits back and can’t seem to understand what the problem is…
What the problem here is that people date now in days with out committing.
They date multiple people, to see what they want, yet they hurt people as they go.
People have become so selfish, and the victims have become options.

You’re texting one girl and putting heart emojis on her pictures and making endless love with the other while cuddling and kissing her on her four head on your bed.
You plan weekend get aways with one, as you tell the other one you will be coming to visit soon.
You tell one you really care about her, and ask her questions about a future, and who knows what you are telling the other.
So what’s in it for the competitors?
Chances are he is eating one girl and kissing the other.
Chances are she is treating one like a king and using the same ideas on the other guy.
So what do you do if you are stuck as the competitor?
You don’t compete!
Plain and simple!!!
You can either accept that you have become an option for the future and take your chance to win them over and just have your fun OR you let them go and find someone that will appreciate you and give you the commitment that you want.
Commitment or not, love is a battle field but a battle to win over not to litterly fight others for it.
Fghting, talking shit to and about the other is not going to get you anything.
Besides making you look like a total idiot.
Bragging how you’ve had him for over months on end only makes you look stupid if you never got the commitment.
Remember, love yourself first, know your worth and place, and trust your heart abd what you bring to the table. If they stick around and appreciate it good, but never compete for them.
Remember as long as you are sharing you are definetly not winning.


Her smile was a glowing reflection from the memories of his hands tracing her body, the feeling of his lips on hers, and the sound of his voice that sings to her heart.
of the man that weakens her mind, making her fall deeper every single time they meet again.