He was choking her

He was choking her.

She was lost in his eyes not completely understanding what was drawing her in.

He gave her a kiss so deep, so passionate her lips began to feel numb, yet she just couldn’t resist.

He had her gasping for air, as he traced her body with his finger tips.

He was choking her, it was something she had never felt before.

She tried to control her breathing as his tongue explored her;

From her neck,

to her breast,

followed by her belly button,

down to her thighs and back up to her mouth.

He was choking her, kissing her softly, picking her up slowly, moving her in a rhythm that made her explode.

He was choking her, as he devoured her, filling her with so much love that she forgot how to breath.



“I don’t know how you do it?”
 “How can you be okay after all you’ve been through?”

I do it because no one else is going to do it for me. Because if I desire happiness, if I desire peace in my heart and love I have to find it with in myself.

I’m okay because I have accepted life for what it is. Because I see the beauty in life and I’m grateful for being a live and for the chance god has gave me to breathe again. I’m okay simply because I still have the ability to dream, desire, want and feel.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you can’t truly breathe love and happiness with out inhaling hurt and disappointment along with a little bit of chaos.




I never knew the importance of character behind a person till I experienced a couple of dissapointments, realize some mistakes I made, lost a couple of valuable people, was unappreciated by others and over all just grew up.
I mean how many of you actually do? Honestly.
What is usually the first thing you look for in a significant other?
For example when your eyes are wondering and honestly looking to be attracted?
It usually sounds something like this…
“He has to have…. a nice body, a cute smile, he has to be funny…”
“She has to be in great shape, has to have a cute smile, boobs/ass is a plus and must have a great personality”

I mean honestly you don’t look at the average girl/guy at the club or the coffee shop and think holly cow check him/her out. You don’t look deep into their souls and wonder what struggles they could be dealing with. Some people do but for the most part society has made us look for the Brad Pitt or Beyonce look alike…
That invisible person that almost never exists…
Either way, our first glance at someone usually makes us react like this…
“DAM! Did you see her?”
“Holly cow! He is so cute!”
Sometimes leaving us almost breathless from their physic without knowing what’s underneath.
You don’t know the person, their personality, their abilities, their mind set, their way of thinking or their heart…
You usually don’t learn about that till a while after and the issue sometimes is that hearts change, people change and the way people think changes too…
So how could you deal with so much change of persona or character?
If your at my level yet, you’ve now realize what you truly want and what’s important.
Maybe it’s because you’ve had a couple nightmares, or life has really chewed you up and spit you back out.
Whatever it is, you have learned that you no longer look up to short breath taking experiences. You now look into taking someone else’s breath away consecutively as you’re reminding them to breathe. You look for someone that can do the same for you that makes you feel like no matter what your covered.
Because we need to breathe to live right? Life is going to always be in action ready to surprise you, kick you, chew you and spit you back out.
Life is going to test you, make you happy, make you mad, make you sad, bring you laughter and heart breaks.
And things will always be changing as times flys, you’ll be changing and they will be changing too, but neither of you will ever stop breathing. (at least not until you leave this earth)
As independent as you are, you’ll someday realize you still need someone. We all need someone to have our back, to stick around, and to make you feel the comfort you need so that you can have confidence in also sticking around yourself. Because if not then you find yourself running away in fear leaving your heart behind with them. (and trust me when I say, leaving your heart behind sucks because it’s so hard to find yourself and get it back.)
You’ll realize you need someone to breathe not because you can’t breathe without them but because it’s nice to have them there to remind you to breathe when you seem to forget.
Feeling grateful;