Happy Birthday up in Heaven


Happy Birthday up in Heaven
from your children here on earth.
We love you and We miss you,
and want to let you know…
Your birthdays aren’t forgotten.
and your memory yet lives on.
We your children will celebrate your life with us even though you’ve gone.
If God were to grant us just one wish,
then make that wish come true,
you’d be here right beside us
and we’d spend this special day with you.
And while here for your birthday
you would be so hugged and kissed
that you would know before you go
how much you’re loved and missed.

We hope that you enjoy yourself and are smiling from up above. And that you have a big ol’ cake with lots of strawberries on top.

We hope that you are proud very happy and stress free,  that you are looking at us and are delighted with what you see.

Happy 47th Birthday Mommy we love you and miss you so darn much.


Wishing you were here;


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday up in Heaven

  1. OMG kelssy firssst off iwaant to staart off by sayinnn YOUR truely beautiful insidee annnd ouuut icouldnnt stop readinn all of youur bloqss theey madee me cry LITERALLY ! Youur succch an amazinnn youunq womenn youuur oh soooooo STRONG to be thee personn you havee becomee todaaay ijussst haad to comment annd let youu knoee ineveer really kneww youu in HS buuut I am sooo proud of youuu by thee waaay youu handlee thinqss annd situationss youu havee beeen in ! My heaart qoess ouut to youu quuurl (: takeee careee annnd staaaay up maay qod be withh youuu annnd youur family♥

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