I am currently on a plane on my way back to California. For the most part I had a good time but my siblings can bring a little too much stress into my life sometimes. I think this moment right here is the most relaxing moment I’ve had yet… I traded seats with my sister so she is sitting with the boys and I am in the middle of two strangers. One is a young girl reading a book and another is an older lady that seems like she can not wait to arrive. I watched “The Vow” for most of the ride (it gets me every time) and I read about 3 chapters of my e-book. My head hurts a little (probably because of the reading and I totally need glasses). So now I am sitting here listening to country and just relaxing.
I have to admit relaxing gets me thinking, not always a good thing. I began to think about the movie and how it all worked out for that couple and I began to think about my own life…
What if one day I lost some of my memory? What would I remember and what would I forget? Would I be different? Have I ever been different? 
I guess I wouldn’t know unless it happened (let’s pray not)
But I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like.
Then I began to wonder if I’d remember that my mom has passed and if I’d wake up calling for her?
She was suppose to be on this trip…
If she was she’d most likely be sitting next to me… sleeping. That’s for sure!
Man how nice would that be, to have her here, even if she was just sleeping.
I’m beginning to feel my heart get heavy as I hold the heart on my neck with her ashes in it.

I miss her…. like crazy!

Preparing for landing;


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