Nothing makes sense…


Nothing makes sense sometimes…
“Why do people enter our lives?”
Why do things happen to us?”
I use to sit there and I’ll admit I still do at times and tell god, or who ever is up there that can hear me…
“Have I not been through enough?
I mean we been getting it since I could remember life?
Don’t I get a break?
Is there no happy ending for me? For us?”

But then time gives us the answers we need, and helps us understand why exactly is it that some people don’t stay in your lives, why you went through the life struggles you have been through, why you were given such responsibilities, and even with time as much as you don’t want to accept it, the death of your mother begins to make sense.
It’s all a part of life.
So I keep going because I still believe in happy ever after, in meeting my goals, my dreams, having my own family someday, meeting the one who just knows he wants to love me and only me for the rest of his life as we watch our little stinkers live and BE wonderful from that love we share.
I still believe in people, in their hearts, in their pain, and most of all I still believe in myself.
After everything, I believe in ME, and I know my time is coming, the day I can look up and say…
“This is it! Everything I deserve is right here!”

Remember guys, even when it doesn’t make sense, someday it will!!!



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