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Hard working people getting deported, racism and sexism on the rise. Health care and rent is barely affordable, striving for more and we stacking up on debt. Raising a child is difficult, the outer influences over power what you teach them in doors. Drug use becoming the norm, addiction the escape people go for. Making “easy money” seems to be the goal; exploiting our bodies, minds and souls. Fourteen year old girls want make up and boys, 14 year old boys no longer want to be boys as they wish they were “men” respected as one, not realizing these bigotes aren’t even man enough. No one wants to work for it anymore, and all they do is wine. 2017 you’d think we be progressing, but with the way things are we look like we’re oppressing. Oppressing the rights humans deserve, neglecting the fights our ancestor leaders died for.

Where is the love? Peace and harmony?

Why don’t we idolize to love and believe?

Fighting each other, killing and destroying one another.

Physically and emotionally, driving each other to lunacy.

We should be ashamed.



I am not your mother and I can’t be your sister, but I promise you baby girl I’ll always be your friend.
I promise to always love you and make you laugh the best that I can.
I will listen to you when you want me to, and advise you when you ask for it.
I will do my best to encourage you to do good, and show you that I believe in you.
I will share my knowledge of life with you, and will always be by your side to cheer for you.
I will understand you like a mother,
I will be here for you like a sister,
But most of all I will love you like a friend.
I am your auntie, and I will love you forever and always.

Nothing makes sense…


Nothing makes sense sometimes…
“Why do people enter our lives?”
Why do things happen to us?”
I use to sit there and I’ll admit I still do at times and tell god, or who ever is up there that can hear me…
“Have I not been through enough?
I mean we been getting it since I could remember life?
Don’t I get a break?
Is there no happy ending for me? For us?”

But then time gives us the answers we need, and helps us understand why exactly is it that some people don’t stay in your lives, why you went through the life struggles you have been through, why you were given such responsibilities, and even with time as much as you don’t want to accept it, the death of your mother begins to make sense.
It’s all a part of life.
So I keep going because I still believe in happy ever after, in meeting my goals, my dreams, having my own family someday, meeting the one who just knows he wants to love me and only me for the rest of his life as we watch our little stinkers live and BE wonderful from that love we share.
I still believe in people, in their hearts, in their pain, and most of all I still believe in myself.
After everything, I believe in ME, and I know my time is coming, the day I can look up and say…
“This is it! Everything I deserve is right here!”

Remember guys, even when it doesn’t make sense, someday it will!!!


The death of a loved one


The death of a loved on can be so hard to bare.
A pain so sharp, it’s one of the worst ever felt.
We know we are not all here forever, yet we don’t expect death to hit home what so ever.
Losing a parent feels like the end of this world.
Especially when you were gifted with only one instead of two.
Mothers are some of the most special gems in this world, for the love of a mother will always be true.
Mothers are faithful companions and lovers, even in the most difficult times on this earth.
Mothers make a dedication of love to their children, and they spend their whole lives providing us with that love and support.
A mother’s love is irreplaceable, which makes losing her to death incredibly painful.
As the children of an incredible woman, we will forever have an ache where we once felt warmth and protection.
Unfortunately there is no way we can bring her back, so we think of her in the day, talk to her at night, and cry for her during rough times.
We know she’s still here, and we know what she wants.
She hopes we find peace, happiness, and eternal love.
Therefor in her honor, we hide all our tears and put on a smile, because with in us a piece of her is still here.

Happy Mother’s day in Heaven Mommy♡


Love your’s


I’ve never been so happy to be me:)

I use to envy others, not for material things because I could truly careless what others have in that sense.
However I use to envy the “struggle less” lives of others, their family bonds, people who had both of their parents in their lives, their grandparents, and over all family unity.
Well because I’ve never had that, I come from one parent who is now in heaven, we don’t have family very local and as much as I love the holiday’s, they are all pretty darn boring with just 5 of us. 
So I’d say, I wish my family was like this, I wish we could all get together like this, or have the bond they have…
But as you get to know people, read them, learn about their closet skeletons and really learn who they are…
You grow and you realized how wonderful it is to be YOU and to be a part of something as real as your own life, no matter how imperfect it seems.

So rememeber guys, you like I may not be lucky enough to have the ideal “brady bunch” family but that family is your family!
A family who loves you unconditionally, and that’s as good as it gets.
You like I may seem disfuntional to the rest but there is no one else that is you better than YOU.
You like I may sometimes feel like the stress, bad luck, or hard moments may never end, but there is no one out there that can outshine and live this life any better than you can.
Love your’s.