A relationship is still a relationship no matter the title.
Once two people bind their souls, minds, and bodies to start to build something it has a beginning.
Therefor when the end comes, the title you had or didn’t have won’t change the fact that one of you will be hurting.


He’s been hurt

He’s been hurt, and he’s still hurting.
But I can’t do this again, I’ve done this before.
I can’t fix him.
I want to, but I can’t.
Fixing another broken heart can cause me to break my own heart again.
Once he is healed, he’ll pack up and leave me.
I can’t fix him.
I want to, but I can’t bare going through this again.

The healer

She was brought to their world to heal, to care for all their needs, to fix what was broken and bring out their beauty from underneath.
None of them appreciated that, or noticed her hard work, it’s almost like they expected her to be there through every turn.
They used her as the healer, they used her body to erase their sins, assuming that the woman in her would be able fix everything.
They all desired love and care and knew that’s what she’d give, but didn’t reach out to love her back for they weren’t worried about her needs.
Unfortunately that’s all that she desired to be loved like she loved them, to find someone to heal her and fix the damage as they got rid of all the pain.
That person never came because she continued to hunt for pray as her eyes looked for the broken one’s even though she knew her heart is what she’d agitate.
She continued and went on healing and fixing all the one’s that came her way knowing that eventually she’d be broken in the end.


Something in side me….


There is something in side of me that eats at me.
This something comes along at random times of the day; ruining my mood, making me loose focus and making me weaker everytime.
I can be happy and in a good mood, thinking positive, and then it shows up like a wild beast ready to destroy me.
It always starts off with my brain and it argues with me in side my head.
What did you do?
What are you doing?
What’s going on?
What’s coming next?
I quickly question it and ask “What are you talking about? Everything is great!”

But it shakes it’s head at me saying “You can fool everyone else but you can not full me”
After my mind it moves slowly and takes over my heart like a tumor swallowing it slowly, not wanting it to live.
It brings me to tears, and I feel my lungs drying up, Im loosing air…
“Could I die like this?”

It’s making me feel like I’m not enough, like the fault is all mine…

That’s when I begin to think that maybe I’m not so tough.

And then…

Something inside me wakes up, and it fights!

And I fight it and even though it takes a little piece of me every time it can’t seem to ever take me hole.

And I say to it…

“I will never let you take me out that way”