The healer

She was brought to their world to heal, to care for all their needs, to fix what was broken and bring out their beauty from underneath.
None of them appreciated that, or noticed her hard work, it’s almost like they expected her to be there through every turn.
They used her as the healer, they used her body to erase their sins, assuming that the woman in her would be able fix everything.
They all desired love and care and knew that’s what she’d give, but didn’t reach out to love her back for they weren’t worried about her needs.
Unfortunately that’s all that she desired to be loved like she loved them, to find someone to heal her and fix the damage as they got rid of all the pain.
That person never came because she continued to hunt for pray as her eyes looked for the broken one’s even though she knew her heart is what she’d agitate.
She continued and went on healing and fixing all the one’s that came her way knowing that eventually she’d be broken in the end.



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