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This town looks the same, December’s still considered the best of times. 

Nothing has changed, they still light up the tree on Myrtle Ave. with many lights and the carolers still sing on Friday nights. 

The streets in town are filled with decore, just like they’ve always been filled before.  

Your favorite house still lights up so bright, and Santa still drives around town sharing his Christmas spirit with all the children at night. 

This town looks the same, December’s still considered the best of times. 

Yet, to me this holiday is just another cold winter night.

Christmas films are no longer enchanting and even though it’s that time of the year…

I don’t feel the cheer even with music, tamales, and family near.

Where did the magic go? 

I desire to know…

Because, I don’t feel the spirit anymore…

This town looks the same, December’s still considered the best of times.

It’s just not the same without you here.


I will not 

I will not allow anyone or anything make me feel sorry for the way I love. I love hard. 

I love sincerely. 

I love with all my heart. 

I love this way because I have lost. 

I love this way because I know we are not all here forever. 

I love this way because I am grateful. 

I will now allow anyone or anything make me feel sorry for the way I love. 

Because If I intimidate the relationships of others for the way I love myself, my friends, and family… 

Then it’s is completely obvious that I am not the one with a problem. 



I’ve always lived a pretty hard life.
Finacially things have never been at their best, and over all god has truly picked on me to carry-on a B I G load of stress.
So yes I’m the person that constantly thinks…
MY life would be so much easier if I had more money.”

“MONEY could really get rid of all this stress right now?”

“Do you know how happy I’d be if I had a lot of money?”

And to tell you all the truth.
Money really truly could fix A L O T of my problems right now…

But money could never give me happiness.

That is something I have needed to find on my own, with in myself, with in my struggles, and the life god has gave me.

Money doesn’t buy happiness.
Fame doesn’t make you any less human.
It might make “society” a little easier.
It might make the standards we have to live up to a little less stressful.
But LIFE in it’s self, to truly L I V E has nothing to do with “everything” you have.
You can only enjoy life and survive life with soul food, inner peace, self love, comfort, and support from the rest of the humans in your life and the love of all humanity in it’s self.
Today, tomorrow and always we should smile at people… a simple hello, I love you, or asking how their day is going can save their life.
A simple ear to listen can make them keep pushing.
A simple hug can remind them that they are not alone.
Live like you are dying and love like you are dying because you never know what kind of demons others are fighting on the inside.
You never know what kind of emotional or physical sicknesses those around you are struggling to fight.
Over use I love you and count your blessing!
Remember, life is a gift and health is a privilege. †

I want to thank you

I want to thank you.

I want to thank you for all the simple things.

The laughs, the comfort, the peace.

I want to thank you.

I want to thank you because with you I felt myself again.

With you I learned to smile again, to really laugh, to relax, and really breathe.

You see before you life and people destroyed me.

These things that happened to me stripped me, they demolished who I was, what I believed in…

and you, this stranger came into my life and helped me in so many ways that you have no idea of.

I want to thank you, because a part of my healing, self love, and happiness is all thanks to you.