Some women are like the moon

Their beauty glows whether they walk hand in hand with someone, or alone.
They have learned to love themselves, and have managed to stay humble, paying no attention to those that envy them.
Their good and heart warming, and have a way of bringing the world peace and comfort.
They are fascinating and admirable.
They don’t often tell you what they are capable of, but you just see it in how they carry them selves.
Their strength, independency, and positive vibes inspire others…
without realization.
They constantly maintain a smile on their face, no matter how big the storm gets.
Their laugh brings up the mood of those around them.
These women at times go unnoticed yet, that never seems to be an issue for them.
Because, some women are like the moon…
The moon doesn’t behave like it is above anyone, it just quietly shines.



22 thoughts on “Some women are like the moon

      1. You’re welcome. Change weather to whether so I can reblog. It deeply spoke to my spirit. Awesome job girl! :0)

  1. Wonderful! I beg — indeed each woman standing in Her own light is a personification in fullest form of the moon. >>”They don’t often tell you what they are capable of, but you just see in how they carry them selves.”<<—Life given! Jahla Queen!

      1. You’re welcome dear! I have another award to post tomorrow on my blog. I will nominate all my followers for Christmas! xo

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