Yo soy la lumbre que alumbra el camino,

Yo camino los pasos de los que vinieron antes de mí.

Yo cuento sus historias, sus de deseos, y mantengo sus sueños vivos.

Yo represento el sufrimiento, y el dolor.

Estoy hecha de la misma sangre que coreo en sus venas.

La lucha no solo es mía,

Es de mis antepasados.

De mis abuelos.

De mis padres.

Y para aquellos que vendrán después de mí.


I am the flame that illuminates the pathway.

I walk in the footsteps of those that came before me.

I tell their old stories, their desires, and maintain their dreams alive.

I represent the sacrifice, and the pain.

I’m made of the same blood that ran through their veins.

This fight isn’t only my fight.

It’s of my ancestors.

It’s of my grandparents.

It’s of my parents.

… and for those that’ll come after me.




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I’d to take this moment to thank you all for reading my work, for being fans of what I write and believe in since I created my blog.

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Some women are like the moon

Their beauty glows whether they walk hand in hand with someone, or alone.
They have learned to love themselves, and have managed to stay humble, paying no attention to those that envy them.
Their good and heart warming, and have a way of bringing the world peace and comfort.
They are fascinating and admirable.
They don’t often tell you what they are capable of, but you just see it in how they carry them selves.
Their strength, independency, and positive vibes inspire others…
without realization.
They constantly maintain a smile on their face, no matter how big the storm gets.
Their laugh brings up the mood of those around them.
These women at times go unnoticed yet, that never seems to be an issue for them.
Because, some women are like the moon…
The moon doesn’t behave like it is above anyone, it just quietly shines.


Two types of Women

There is two different types of women.
Dependent women:
They follow you.
They have nothing going for themselves.
and they are okay with that.
You are their world, your happiness is their only priority.
They wait for you to make it.
They encourage you to succeed and cheer you on, but from the stands.
and… If you ever leave them…
Half of them goes with you.

Independent women:
They can’t afford to follow you.
They love you and support you, but we want to be on the field with you.
They want to be a part of a team.
If you’re scoring, she’s scoring with you, before you, or right after you.
They refuse to stay behind.
They keep up.
They want a name for themselves.
Success is too important to them.
They want to be someone other than “Your girl” or “Your wife”
They want to shine with you.
and… If you ever leave them.
They move forward.

and only certain men, can handle either or.

Dear Women


Dear Woman,
I want to encourage you, from a woman to a woman.
From a fighter to a fighter.
May you always believe in yourself.
May you rememeber that society belittles you, but this world wouldn’t survive with out you.
May you know that you are beautiful.
May you be confident and walk with pride and honor.
May you rememeber that looks expire, and it’s what’s on the inside that matters.
May you know your value, and never settle for anything that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable.
May you rememeber you are a woman, and other women are your sisters… Respect them.
Team up with them.
Encourage them.
Honor them.
May you always know to never be the other woman.
May you always honor yourself.
May you always appreciate yourself.
May you always love yourself.
May you always encourage yourself.
May you always know you CAN fight.
May you always know you CAN win.
May you always know you are not alone.
May you always know that there is no one out there like YOU.
Society needs you.
Children need you.
They might not all admit it,
But MEN need you too.
Without you they couldn’t reproduce, grow, build.
May you never take a breath for granted, and be grateful…
For there is other women, other warriors that are no longer breathing…
or fighting to continue to breathe.


1 in 3 women get cancer.
Not just breast cancer, but all types of cancers.
I know many people who have had it.
My friends have had it.
My friend’s mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, etc.
One of my close friends had a stage 0-1 cancer, I couldn’t even understand how that was real?
A little later I got the same kind.
It’s called pre-cancer, not good enough for treatment yet, but it’s there… so you got to get your body to fight it.
My close friend’s mother died from breast cancer.
My grandmother I rarely knew did too.
My godmother died from it.
My mom died from Lung Cancer.
Her best friend Ana, died from leukemia.
Some of my close friends mother’s have beat it.
This thing is everywhere…
Rememeber good health is a privilege.
To be alive is a gift.
May you never take a breath for granted.

“Forever be what I need myself to be”

I’ll forever be what I need myself to be, and nobodies stopping me.
For no words, thoughts, or actions from those who spread poison can affect me.
You see, I’m not your ordinary woman.
My heart grew more intact as the result of my battles.
I some how survived and became immune to all the struggles.
And yes the tears will still appear at times, but don’t let that be a sign of weakness, it only shows I still got feelings.
Being able to feel in a life as hard as this one is a blessing as well as a choice.
For I have chose to take my struggles and let them build me, instead of break me.


I won’t stop until I’m her…

I wake up and see her, she’s so close, yet so far it’s frustrating.
She knows what she wants, even if at times it seems like she’ll never achieve it.
She tries hard to fulfill it, but her disatisfaction is so loud it’s resounding.
One problem, two problems, three problems, four , when will she be happy with what she’s got?
I’ve become obsessed with the woman I am suppose to be.
The woman I believe, she needs to be.
I wake up and see her, she’s so close, yet so far it’s obstruct.
She’s the reason behind everything I do, she’s the reason I’ve yet to give up.
My actions are carefully conducted, with that familiar face in mind.
I won’t stop until I’m her.

The perfect life


Ever since the early days family or personal problems were something you kept in between closed doors. You don’t speak on these issues because it is not seen as “right” to share them. Even now in days If you have the gut to speak on them you are not high fived for letting it out, if anything you are accused of desiring some kind of attention.
Even though I believe that only somethings are okay to share I don’t agree that nothing should be shared at all. Because if information isn’t shared then how do we learn that these are in deed problems at all?
Ever since I started my blog a lot of people have always asked me why I am the way I am. My boyfriend being one of them because he is a very private person. They have asked why I am not more private about my life and or why do I run a blog that’s almost like a dairy? But what they don’t always see is that I’m actually very private, I choose what I share and I know why I do it. Some might think “Maybe it’s attention she wants?” But attention and pity is the last thing I care to welcome. I just believe that sharing is the easiest way of getting help or appreciation. Its not attention I seek, it’s prevention that I wish to share, for we are all living through something and how do we get through it if we don’t know how? And how do we know how? We know how when we come across someone who has lived it too.
I mean think about it? How did we learn to get through a broken heart? Someone talked us through it.
How have we learned right from wrong? How to or how not to act?
What to take from others and what is not okay?
How did we learn the wrongs of abuse, disrespect, and torture?
How did we learned the cruelties of slavery or the history of the Holocaust?
We learned and continue to learn because stories are told, lives are shared through those that are living it for the reason that when the time comes again when someone or some of us suffer something similar we know how to fight through it and survive it.