Two types of Women

There is two different types of women.
Dependent women:
They follow you.
They have nothing going for themselves.
and they are okay with that.
You are their world, your happiness is their only priority.
They wait for you to make it.
They encourage you to succeed and cheer you on, but from the stands.
and… If you ever leave them…
Half of them goes with you.

Independent women:
They can’t afford to follow you.
They love you and support you, but we want to be on the field with you.
They want to be a part of a team.
If you’re scoring, she’s scoring with you, before you, or right after you.
They refuse to stay behind.
They keep up.
They want a name for themselves.
Success is too important to them.
They want to be someone other than “Your girl” or “Your wife”
They want to shine with you.
and… If you ever leave them.
They move forward.

and only certain men, can handle either or.


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