Love your’s


I’ve never been so happy to be me:)

I use to envy others, not for material things because I could truly careless what others have in that sense.
However I use to envy the “struggle less” lives of others, their family bonds, people who had both of their parents in their lives, their grandparents, and over all family unity.
Well because I’ve never had that, I come from one parent who is now in heaven, we don’t have family very local and as much as I love the holiday’s, they are all pretty darn boring with just 5 of us. 
So I’d say, I wish my family was like this, I wish we could all get together like this, or have the bond they have…
But as you get to know people, read them, learn about their closet skeletons and really learn who they are…
You grow and you realized how wonderful it is to be YOU and to be a part of something as real as your own life, no matter how imperfect it seems.

So rememeber guys, you like I may not be lucky enough to have the ideal “brady bunch” family but that family is your family!
A family who loves you unconditionally, and that’s as good as it gets.
You like I may seem disfuntional to the rest but there is no one else that is you better than YOU.
You like I may sometimes feel like the stress, bad luck, or hard moments may never end, but there is no one out there that can outshine and live this life any better than you can.
Love your’s.



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