This is all Me

You guys want to talk about me, tell people ya’ll don’t know about me.
Telling them that ya’ll don’t know if I could succeed, if I can control what my mom left to me.
But what you guys don’t know is that this is all me, raising them is all I have known since my brother was three.
When his father took off and it went all back on her, a warrior and hero that did all she could to make me believe.
Believe in my self and understand what this was, the struggles we lived and how we never had enough.
Enough to live up to the standards of the rest, remember when we were kids you guys were considered the best.
But now look at me and all I can be, don’t question what I’m doing if you ain’t helping me.
I got this don’t trip, she prepared me enough, she knew who to trust and I’m doing it with love.
Keep running your mouths and continue to doubt, for all your are doing is pumping me up to be the best there is now.
Don’t worry about us, we already have enough, and we will only get more as we rise up our empire and are no longer apart of the poor.
That’s when you will see that our angel is here, as she believes and knows exactly what we could be.
When we succeed I can’t wait to watch you all cringe.
Cringe from the negativity you tried to poison us with, because you didn’t want to believe.


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