Dear Brother…


Dear Brother,
I Hope someday you take everything we’ve taught you and that it helps you as you learn to make it on your own.
I hope someday you take the words from mommy and all the shit I give you and understand it’s all been said because we love you and want what’s best for you.
I hope someday you see that taking over and having the responsibility to raise you has been a struggle but that no matter how “good off me” you always claim to be, I will forever be your big sister who’s truly on your side.
I hope someday you see I still love you just like the day mommy brought you home, I mean I had no choice you were my first baby brother lol.
I hope someday you know I truly, truly just want what’s best for you and my only desire is to help mommy raise a honest, loving, gentleman since she is no longer here to do it herself.
I hope someday you see the sacrafises I have made to try and unite us all as a family and bring peace into our home.

In dedication to my brother Christopher.
Happy 16th Birthday to the biggest pain in my _ _ _👦🎂🎉



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