I’m a gentleman


I’m a gentleman of gentle deeds,
I was raised by a beautifully kind woman and a man with so much pride and honor, even when he had to work on his hands and knees.
They taught me about respect, they taught me how to love and to always treat others with kindness.
They raised me to be the great man I am today.
My smile confirms my thoughts, I’m not the best at communicating but if you make me comfortable I’ll open up with integrity and no hesitation.
I’m a simple man of simple gestures,
whose kindness has never been fought.
My words are clever,
My ideas are charming,
and I try to keep my romance soft yet strong.
I bring flowers, I open doors, I’ll hold your hand, and respect all your thoughts.
I am a gentleman,
Yes, we do still exist.
I understand it’s hard to trust me, especially in todays society.
Just know that my intentions are good. I choose to be a gentleman,
the careful man of this generation because I’m here to show you that we’re not all the same.



7 thoughts on “I’m a gentleman

      1. I feel the same sometimes but just like men, women are also downgrading, loosing respect for themselves and being more like Kim Kay instead of Oprah but eventually I think they all learn and try to better their ways.

      2. Yeah but that goes both ways for men and women and it’s not everyone, some people do change for the best so it’s good to give some credit where it’s deserved.

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