I thought I was a victim

I thought I was a victim, am I not good enough I’d ask myself?
What do I have to do, to grab his full attention?
What can I do to change him, to have him see that I am what he needs?
He says I’m the one and tells the same story to all of our loved ones, but at night he rushes to his contact list to see who he can get attention from.
I thought I was a victim, so I’d despise him everytime; kicking myself thinking “maybe you are not good enough.”
You need to be smarter, learn how to drive better, don’t speak to much, don’t over think, don’t share your feelings, don’t bother him to the extremes.
I thought I was a victim because he made me feel that way, then I realized I played apart in my own unhappiness by deciding to stay.


3 thoughts on “I thought I was a victim

  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head! It takes a lot but in the end we realise that the only way to stop feeling this bad is to walk away! Well done πŸ™‚

  2. Reblogged this on The80'sMagpie and commented:
    This is such a common thing to happen in a lot of relationships, and sometimes you truely are a victim but the moment you realise that is down to someone making you feel so terrible you find the strength to leave. It takes a lot to find that strength and become clear minded. Strong words here to help those stuck in a ‘relationship’ where they feel helpless.

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