Destroyed her heart…


She did it every night.
That’s all she ever knew.
She took pride in what she did, even if it made her feel empty and blue.
Boys, guys, men they were all the same. None of them worth anything to her, at least that’s what she claimed.
She never met her daddy, or ever knew the loving of a man so she saw them all as toys and categorized them all the same.
The rest of us were jealous as we saw her so care free, we wondered how she did it, how did she not feel guilty?
We didn’t wish to be like her, we thought she was dirty.
We just wanted the same un attachment and the power to guard our hearts and be worry free.
Unfortunately no one knew her and what she really felt.
She was ashamed of what she was but couldn’t find another route.
All she dreamed of was true love, but didn’t know how to stop, as her sexual desire took over and once again destroyed her heart.



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