Your beauty should make you stand up tall, not lie down on your back.


Your a woman with integrity, shining oh so heavenly. Do not forget your worth, remember you can put your own price to it. Quit giving up the cookie to anyone who wants it; if you want to share it, make them work hard to get it. Don’t let their eyes wonder on your physic, make them focus on what’s underneath. Show them who you really are, f**k them with your brain, let them lust for your intelligence. Don’t put him on a high horse, that can back fire making him think he can ride around and see what else is out there. Please don’t stroke his ego, stand your ground, show him he’s the one who needs you. He just might get frustrated and refer to you as greedy, show him it’s okay to be a little selfish and if he really wants it, he’ll know that you’re worthy. For a woman with some class should never give in to temptation until she knows her man will always be respectful.  Rememeber you are beautiful, your flaws are what make you flawless. Don’t give into the media, recollect that “ass shots” only get you attention from a dog; someone that will salavate all over you and treat you like a rag doll.
Stop letting today’s society blind you from what’s important, making you miscalculation the true value of your beauty. Your beauty should make you stand up tall, not lie down on your back destroying your merit and preventing you from being a woman with some class.


To all my beautiful ladies;



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