Your Flower


Just because someone chose to give their heart to you, does not mean the love is set in stone.
Just like a flower needs soil, water, and attentive care to flourish; This person needs your effort, hands, mind, a connection, and attention to detail in order to continue to feel the same.

Take care of your flower, don’t let their love for you wither…
making them look to flourish in the heart of someone else.

Application for my final lover

I love myself a handsome, clean cut man with a heart warming smile… (smiles are my weakness)

But that doesn’t mean much anymore…
It’s about being a spiritually and emotionally healthy person.

I don’t want a super model, or a dude who has over 100 followers.
I don’t care if you won the lotto, drive a Mercedes-Benz, or can buy me anything I desire.
Looks and money don’t matter.
Appearance is nice, but the real question is; Are you humorous?
How’s your confidence? Your mental health? Have you let the past rest yet? How’s your conversation? How open are you to learning new things?
What about trying new things?
Are you loving? Do you think honesty is one of the most important ingredient for a relationship?
Do you know how to play/work in a team?
Are you forgiving or do you hold grudges? Will you swallow your pride and apologize when you’re wrong?
How important is family to you? Do you believe unity is important in a family?
Will you be nurturing and loving to your children? And if you’re not affectionate, will you at least accept affection?
How important are promises to you? Do you easily break them?
Do you believe in marriage? And if so do you believe in divorce? Do you believe in “until death do us part” or will you give up when it gets hard?
Basically what I’m asking is…
When our marriage dies (because it will a couple of times) will you be willing to work with me to bring it back?
How well do you deal with stress? Do you run for the hills or stick it through till it’s resolved?
Do hard times break you or do they motivate you?

Last but not least are you emotionally and spiritually healthy?
Do you believe in yourself, do you love yourself?

I’ll be first to say I love myself a clean cut handsome man with a heart warming smile but if you’re not a healthy human being please discard this application.

Thank you,

Maybe I’m just hard…

Maybe I’m just hard to love.
Maybe I’m just hard to handle.
Maybe I’m just hard to please.
Maybe I’m just hard to attend.
Maybe I’m just hard to listen to.
Maybe I’m just hard to care for.
Maybe I’m just hard to take a chance with.
Maybe I’m just hard to commit to.
Maybe I’m just hard to love.
Maybe, just maybe, I’m just hard to love.


The letter of 92 words…

I’d like to start by saying thank you, thank you for loving me.
I know by your side I’d have paradise, you’re the perfect guy.
But in his hell, he has made me fall.
I tried to resist, because I know he isn’t good for me.
But to me he is perfect, he is who my heart beats for.
It will be work, it will take time, but I love him.
I tried, I tried to love you.
My mind knows you’re better for me, but my heart wants otherwise.
I’m sorry.

I’m so proud of you


And everytime life got hard…
She kept swimming for her, she kept pushing for her, she wouldn’t give up for her.
She wanted her to continue to look down from where she was and see that she wasn’t giving up, and she was getting it all done, even if at times it was super hard.
She wanted her to look down and say…

“I’m so proud of you.”👭💕


Your job hasn’t started yet…


Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you.

I can’t help and fall into a smile, as I think of how nice it would be to wake up tomorrow next to you.
I’d get to feel your skin oh so closely next to mine, and it would be so wonderful to wake up to those beautiful eyes.
I’d wake you up with kisses, with the desire to please you before you have to start your day.
With the sunrising outside our window I’d tell you “let me do the work, your job hasn’t started yet.”
You’d respond to me with pleasure and sounds of excitement in your throat, exploding through your erection, only concluding you to think about your morning for the rest of the day at work.




After every girl and every lie.
Followed every excuse I could possibly make to believe that I was well deserved of the hurt you caused me.


This is for…
Every girl who’s had those late nights.
Who’ve stayed up waiting for him to call.
Who’ve smelled the perfume on his collar.
Who’ve seen the lip gloss on his lips.
Who’ve seen the pictures on his email.
Who’ve looked through his phone as he slept next to you, only to discover more lies.
Only to feel that you were not good enough for him…
as you ask yourself…
“What am I doing wrong?
What does she got that I don’t?
So you use the cheating as blame on yourself…
Allowing the love you felt to fource you into making excuses for him and using it all as an excuse to only try harder to impress him.

Word of advise… STOP.

You will never be good enough…
Not because your not good enough, but because you are too good for him, too good for him to ever see your worth through the bodies of those woman fullfilling his insecurities.
Know your worth!

Getting lost in someone else…

You meet someone special who catches your eyes, you begin to commit as the days and months pass you by.
Your own mind begins to play games with your head, how can you possible count on him yet?
But you slowly give in…
You’re doing things you’ve never done before.
You’ve put so much time and effort with him, because it happened so naturally and seemed easy with him.
You see, it’s so easy to fall in the comfort of another’s arms because you’ve become vulnerable as you feel that connection of sparks.
So you give, and you give as you begin to get lost.
Then, the day comes along where something seems wrong.
You take a step back and begin to analyze…
The commitment your making is not bouncing back.
He says it’s due to the pain he once felt, yet he doesn’t seem to realize you’ve also been hurt once before.
You accept his excuses and cut him some slack, as you allow yourself to pour your heart out into his hands.
Trusting he’ll realize his feelings and get comfortable, as he sees your commitment and finds that you deserve so much more.
Only with time will you know what this is, yet you can’t help but wonder if time is what this needs.
Because you know your value and how special you are.
You know you deserve the very best, yet getting lost in someone else seems to feel better then locking your heart in a cage.


This was inspired by a good friend of mine. Who trusted in me to share her thoughts at four in the morning because she believes I’m brave for sharing mine with the world.
Thanks amiga, love you!