Getting lost in someone else…

You meet someone special who catches your eyes, you begin to commit as the days and months pass you by.
Your own mind begins to play games with your head, how can you possible count on him yet?
But you slowly give in…
You’re doing things you’ve never done before.
You’ve put so much time and effort with him, because it happened so naturally and seemed easy with him.
You see, it’s so easy to fall in the comfort of another’s arms because you’ve become vulnerable as you feel that connection of sparks.
So you give, and you give as you begin to get lost.
Then, the day comes along where something seems wrong.
You take a step back and begin to analyze…
The commitment your making is not bouncing back.
He says it’s due to the pain he once felt, yet he doesn’t seem to realize you’ve also been hurt once before.
You accept his excuses and cut him some slack, as you allow yourself to pour your heart out into his hands.
Trusting he’ll realize his feelings and get comfortable, as he sees your commitment and finds that you deserve so much more.
Only with time will you know what this is, yet you can’t help but wonder if time is what this needs.
Because you know your value and how special you are.
You know you deserve the very best, yet getting lost in someone else seems to feel better then locking your heart in a cage.


This was inspired by a good friend of mine. Who trusted in me to share her thoughts at four in the morning because she believes I’m brave for sharing mine with the world.
Thanks amiga, love you!


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