Closing down the love factory…

I have a couple close friends I talk to on a daily basis.

I am a horrible at texting at times and I almost never answer my phone, but they manage to work with me and I work with them.

We all put in a lot of effort to keep in touch throughout the days even if we don’t see each other constantly.

No one plays victim, or whines about how I or THEY are “horrible” friends.

Why? well because we are grown and mature enough to know that it’s all a part of being an adult.

Anyway… we will save that topic for another blog.


My point was…

I have one girlfriend that in a sense loves like I do…


She like I… is a poet, an artist, and the a big hopeless romantic.

So guess what our main topics usually consists of?




One of our most frustrating struggles is that we care too much.

We are woman who will fight and do whatever it takes to make things right.

We over love at times and we over push to make things right.

We visit the past all the time, and we try to find the closure we “feel” we need.

Yes I said feel, and I say this because we both know very well that not every situation needs closure or a happy ending…


our big hearts, our personas, or our souls just don’t allow us to live by this motto.

Instead we wait for the apology we might never get, we want to stay friends with people we dated, and we think everyone is some how meant to stay in our lives.

I know, we are a bit crazy.


we just love too hard?

Not sure.

I think we just see the good in the ugly.

Anyway, we aren’t like stokers or anything… so don’t freak out ha ha.

So in the middle of our conversation the other day…

I was explaining to her how I do not understand how people can become involved with you, come into your life or path, and just hurt you?
Just cut you off and leave you there like some slap of ribs on the floor for the dogs to eat, without some kind of peace treaty or closure?

I guess I just don’t have it in me to hurt people in such selfish way.

I mean, I know I’ve broken hearts and I’ve had my share of rejecting…

but, usually I make sure that it’s understood and it’s ended peacefully.

I guess that’s the part of me that expects every situation to end in a happy ending.

If it was up to me, every single person I’ve ever dated (except for like two of them) would still be my friend.

Those that have hurt me would have apologized and we’d leave things in a peaceful treaty.

We’d pass by each other on the streets and say hello, or maybe even grab coffee and catch up once in a while…

Those that have said “I want to stay friends” would mean it and actually check up on me once in a while and see how I am doing…

But, realistically that is impossible.


probably not healthy ha ha.

So in the conversation I made a joke but, serious statement where I told her; “I am closing down the love factory, for a bit.”

She laughed and said; “Me too! Before I become one of those bitter chicks.”

I laughed and said; “Yeah, we don’t want to become that…”

However, that is definitely not my reason why.

I have made this decision for a couple good reasons and have decided to make it a firm promise.

Now, If the “one” were to come knocking on my door, I wouldn’t be like “LEAVE.” Ha.

I just feel like my desire for having “someone” is no longer as big as my desire for happiness.

I actually enjoy being alone.

I have always enjoyed it.

I love to shop alone, I don’t mind enjoying a meal for one, and I’ll even go to a movie alone without a care in the world.

However, sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk to, to share with, to face time, and to adventure with.

So I am not “shutting out” on love and the hope to find someone to team up with in this cruel world.

But, I am directing my focus on other things for the mean time.

I’d like to put all my time and heart into my career.

I love the field I am studying, and I am eager to start practicing it as soon as possible.

I want to travel, take on new hobbies, and rekindle the old ones I have lost touch with.

I want to be joyful, I want to be happy and truly satisfied with myself.

I will say, getting your heart-broken makes you a bit disappointed and hopeless…

But, it also teaches you a lot and I have built so much self-love, peace, and strength that my only desire is to continue to grow and build that even stronger.

I want to be so good with just me, that I never forget my worth and how valuable I am.

This is important, for the reason that the person I settle down with someday has to be at my same level.

I refuse to settle.

I want to build a strong empire someday, a team so strong that it can conquer anything life throws at us.

For that goal, I know I must first be good with myself.

So good that I know and any one that I come across will know…

that I will not settle for anything less.

I refuse to mess this vision up, or cloud it with anyone one that I KNOW just doesn’t fit the standard.

As our generation would say “No more fuck boys”

But in my words…

No more games, or unsure feelings.

What I will accept right now is friendships, true genuine friendships…

If with time something builds from one of them or someone comes along worthy of my commitment then, I will be so good with myself that I will be capable of loving them like they deserve.

Looking forward to the re-opening of the love factory,


I miss you

We said goodbye, see you around, agreed on building a friendship someday,
some how…

I try not to think about you, but it ain’t working…
I’m trying to put out this fire, but it’s still burning.

Just when I thought moving on was getting closer…

I miss you.

I thought I didn’t need your presence, but I do.

I thought I had no feelings, but they’re there.

I thought I’d be just fine, but I’m not.

I miss you.

I’m trying to burn down the memories, but they aren’t dying.

Just when I thought moving on was getting closer.

I miss you.


This piece was inspired my the country song “I’m coming over” – Chris Young



To be able to write about the pain, is more than others can do.

Most people can’t ever speak of it, or face it again.

They lose touch, or emotion towards what happened.

They grow silent, bitter, angry…

and no one can seem to understand why?

They bury it.

To write of the pain, and speak of the hate you feel…

It’s brave…

and a *privilege not many are blessed with.


No one stays together anymore.

They break up or get a divorce, and just walk away like nothing ever happened.

When instead they should be fighting, fighting for each other, for what they have build, for what they have…
Through whatever comes…
I want to find someone who doesn’t want to walk away.
Someone who grabs my hand and says

“I’m here till the end”

and actually means it…


I want to love a whole.


either of two equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided.
“the northern half of the island”




make (something) whole or perfect.
“he only needed one thing to complete his happiness”
synonyms: finish off, round off, top off, crown, cap, complement
“the outfit was completed with a veil”

I use to dream of finding my “other half.

Both times I have fallen in love I actually believed I had found (him).

Because before them I didn’t feel whole.

I didn’t love myself.

I didn’t believe in myself.

I didn’t feel that I could actually be happy being alone.

Unfortunately, I am not one of the only people who have felt this way, and what’s even more crazy is people go their whole lives feeling this way.

This is where people screw up.

They feel it’s normal and just go with it, until they settle for anyone because they believe that without “someone” by their side they are not complete.

What’s funny is that before the relationships even ended, I was always looking for “something,” something that would take away the empty feeling I had. When I couldn’t figured it out, I assumed that it was the relationship, the person’s fault for the way I was feeling.

Now that I’ve learned, I’ve realized that the first time there was nothing missing, I was missing. The self love, the self confidence, the self trust, is what was missing.

You can’t fully love someone else like they deserve, if you don’t love yourself.

The second time, I was missing so bad that I actually convinced myself to believe that I deserved the “type” of love I was receiving.

I’m still learning.

So far, I have learned the definitions of “half” and “complete.”

and I now know I don’t want either or to define the person I end up with for the rest of my life.

I don’t want an “other half,” I want a WHOLE.

I want a whole person, someone who knows exactly who they are, what they represent, what they want, and who loves themselves enough to know how to love ME.

I don’t want to feel complete when this person comes along, or for them to feel like I complete them.

I want us to already be complete, only to come along and complement each others lives for the better.

I don’t want to be someone else’s ideal “Ms. Right,” or “The One.”

I don’t want someone that has been looking for someone like me their whole lives.

I want to fall into someone.

I want to come long and change their lives for the best.

I want to make them feel things they have never felt before.

I want to add to their happiness, I want someone who before me was already happy with themselves.

I want to be someones whole and I want them to be my whole.

I want us to be two wholes who simply just deserve each other, who simply just realized we wanted to to continue to grow while we watch the other grow.

I don’t want to ever end up with another half, or feel like a half again.

I refuse to settle for someone to complete me.

I want a whole someone, so that I can live with their all, learn about their all, and love their all and whole entire persona.

I want the next time I fall in love, to just simply be a whole who loves another whole and entire other person.

I want someone who can give me their all, while I also give them my all.



I lust for your touch, that wonderful feeling of your hands squeezing my bottom and that magical thrust.
Everybody has an addiction, my happens to be you.
I don’t want it to be over, and as soon as your done I’m feening for more.
I want you available only for me, If I lose your love I don’t think rehab could even cure me.
You got your guards up, I do too.
But give me a chance and let me grow with you.
There’s things we might discover, things we will both like, things that will make us both realize there was nothing to be afraid of.
Cause you got a past and I do too, so we know what we want and what we don’t want to occur.
We’re perfect for each other, I hope you’ve noticed too.
Because your my addiction, and I don’t want to lose you.

Confused Child

I wonder when he’ll stop hitting her.
I can’t bare the yelling any more, it keeps me up every night.
Why must Daddy always come home late and smelling so funny?
I wish he’d stop hitting her.
Why does he tell her she’s useless?
I can’t seem to understand?
Mommy isn’t useless, she’s so nice to Daddy and I.
She takes good care of me, sings to me, bathes me, reads to me, and even plays with me.
Sometimes when we are playing I can tell she’s tired, but she keeps playing.
Mommy isn’t useless at all; She cleans, cooks and irons Daddy’s work clothes very nicely.
I wish Daddy would see how special Mommy is…
Maybe I’ll tell him?
Maybe I won’t, last time I asked “Why do you hit Mommy?” He hit me too.
I don’t like to get hit, I’m a good child.
I love my Daddy, but I wonder when he’ll stop hitting her?