Communication in a Relationship

How do you better communication in a relationship?


The thing is we are all different. No two people are the same and if we do find someone with a lot in common, we get turned off anyway, or they become our Best Friends.

So, because of this we all evaluate our affections, believes, costs and rewards differently.
I know what you’re thinking…
“Then how will we ever get along?”

Well its simple, but it takes practice.
You want to MIRROR your partner…
How so?
You want to understand that if you have chosen this person to have a committed relationship with then you want to mirror their way of dealing and seeing their affections, believes, costs, and rewards.
You don’t have to “change” your own ways, you have to “mirror” as in…
If you mirror your partner, and try to understand their true way of being, then that’s where the communication improves.
How so?
Well, you are no longer clashing against them which means you are growing with them,
hand in hand,
like a real TEAM.


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