I’m switching the roles

Childhood is when we learn the most.
We are not born racist, prejudice, or ignorant.
We are born with a blank chip and our parents, friends, schools, and society are what make us.
If you’re a parents with good intentions, it can be a bit hard to raise a child in today’s society, but if you don’t push to try and lead them down the right path then you have just become a part of the providers of garbage that society feeds our kids.

I don’t have kids of my own yet, but when I do, I have decided I’m switching the roles on them.
Everyone’s life goal in this world is to find happiness.
Usually happiness in the mind of a woman comes to the conclusion of having a husband, kids, a beautiful home, and a nice future with these people along their side.
Men also aspire for marriage, but unfortunately most of them weren’t taught the same value and importance behind it.

Sadly this seems to be the reason why today’s generation is so caught up in “situtionships” 

Parents didn’t stress this enough and society has taught men to play games until THEY are ready, leaving more girls and women crying then ever before.

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller, otherwise they will threaten “the man” and push him away.

And the only reason why men actually feel this way is because we teach men that they should always be above, or one step ahead of the woman, and if they are not, they have failed.

We teach girls to aspire to marriage, to make their life choices always keeping in mind that the main and most important goal is marriage.
We tell them that marriage is the important source of joy, we tell them that it will bring them the love they desire and the mutual support they need to feel complete.
This can be very true, and having a successful marriage with happiness should be apart of their goals but we shouldn’t teach them that it will be their only source of happiness.
If so, shouldn’t we be teaching it to our boys too?
Why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?
We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are because they will be frowned upon, but we teach boys that being sexual and having that kind of “game” is a good thing.
Don’t we see who we are hurting?
Women are crying, but men aren’t learning to appreciate the women the universe brought to their lives to complete them.
The universe keeps bringing these men their other ribs, soul mates, “the one” and they take them for granted because “they are not ready” to let the game go.
Because they were not taught to cherish “the woman” when she comes along.

If I bring children into this world I am making a promise to switch these roles.
I will teach my son how to love, I will teach him that if the universe (or “god” for those who believe) brings him a good girl/woman, he must appreciate her and respect her if he loves her. He must not lie, he must not play games, or take her for granted as long as she is giving him the same respect.
I will teach him that if she isn’t, he has the right to walk away like a gentleman with out cheating, betraying, and lying.

I will teach my daughter how to love, and to always cherish and appreciate “the man” that the universe (or god) brings into her life with out giving him everything she has. I will teach her independencey, I will teach her to have something to show for herself without losing herself in society and forgetting to have self respect.
I will teach her that her voice matters, and she has the same rights as everyone else.
I will teach her she is equal to a male NO MATTER what others say, and that she should do ONLY what makes her happy, despite of what others say.

I will teach my children, that happiness and love should be an equal goal in both of their lives, because without it, living is useless and boring.



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