Let’s have a moment of silence…


Where were you when the world🌏stop turning that September day?
Did you shout out in anger in fear for you and your neighbors, or did you just sit down and cry?
I was about 12 years old, and I rememeber breaking down in tears.
Thinking, “man… life is a bit unfair sometimes…” My mom told me that night, “We don’t know why these things happen, that’s why you MUST cherish every minute of life you get, because people don’t realize it is a blessing JUST to be alive…”

Let’s have a moment of silence…
For the people who packed their luggage the night before, only to never unpack them again.
For the parents who kissed their kids goodbye, only to be the last kiss they’d ever give them.
For the husband who called his wife right before his plane crashed just to say, “This is it, I will always love you.”
For those that watched the buildings go down in front of them, knowing they couldn’t do anything to help.
For the firefighters and policemen who went in to help, only to lose their lives as well.
For the children who sat at school with fear, wondering if their parents were going to be okay?
But let’s not forget…
For ALL the lives that were lost not only on 9/11 but through out the days, months, years after that because of this “terrorist” threat.
and for all the innocent people… that “looked” like the responsible “ideal” terrorist that were bullied, attacked, robbed, pushed around, blamed, and even KILLED for something that till this day has no DIRECT person to blame…
at least not by a 100 percent proof.
We all have our own theories I’m sure…
R.I.P to all the victims that have died because of 9/11.


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