El sueño Americano

Tu que eres de aquí, a de ser muy fácil. 

Si por qué la renta me la bajan por qué soy de aquí. 

Tu que eres de aquí, todo lo puedes. 

Si por qué siendo de aquí, viene con privilegios siempre. 


No es tan fácil. 

Por qué soy de aquí, pero de los de abajo. 

Por qué soy de aquí, pero de los que sufren. 

El sueño Americano… 




hasta a los “Americanos.” 


Let’s have a moment of silence…


Where were you when the world🌏stop turning that September day?
Did you shout out in anger in fear for you and your neighbors, or did you just sit down and cry?
I was about 12 years old, and I rememeber breaking down in tears.
Thinking, “man… life is a bit unfair sometimes…” My mom told me that night, “We don’t know why these things happen, that’s why you MUST cherish every minute of life you get, because people don’t realize it is a blessing JUST to be alive…”

Let’s have a moment of silence…
For the people who packed their luggage the night before, only to never unpack them again.
For the parents who kissed their kids goodbye, only to be the last kiss they’d ever give them.
For the husband who called his wife right before his plane crashed just to say, “This is it, I will always love you.”
For those that watched the buildings go down in front of them, knowing they couldn’t do anything to help.
For the firefighters and policemen who went in to help, only to lose their lives as well.
For the children who sat at school with fear, wondering if their parents were going to be okay?
But let’s not forget…
For ALL the lives that were lost not only on 9/11 but through out the days, months, years after that because of this “terrorist” threat.
and for all the innocent people… that “looked” like the responsible “ideal” terrorist that were bullied, attacked, robbed, pushed around, blamed, and even KILLED for something that till this day has no DIRECT person to blame…
at least not by a 100 percent proof.
We all have our own theories I’m sure…
R.I.P to all the victims that have died because of 9/11.


Today I want to talk about the government….
Ever notice how the lady before you at the grocery store is paying with food stamps and has her nails done and a name brand purse that retails at about 300 at the least?
What about the families with 5 kids also paying with government money and the kids look so dirty but the parents look clean and well put?
or how about how most of the people doing insurance claims or getting some sort of government help are faking and living the good life driving Mercedes and BMWs?
and my least favorite… The “single moms” who claim to be single as they continue to pop out more and more kids in order to get more financial help from the government?
I actually once heard a lady say to someone “It’s my 7th kid but its all good because I’ll be getting me more food stamps” ARE YOU FREAKEN KIDDING ME!?
And they say China should be limited to ONE kid I think some areas in California need some limits…
With all this “Help” some how there is still over 100 million homeless people all over the world as well as this country and no I am not talking about the homeless people in LA who won’t take food or clothes or any type of help that isn’t money because they want the money to get their fix (drugs or alcohol). I am talking about the REAL homeless people who live in areas where there is no governmental help or any “housing” place to go and get a shower, a plate of food, or even a place to sleep.
So what is wrong with that picture here in the United States or to minimize it down what is wrong with the picture here in California?
Well in my opinion we can start by asking why there is over 300 cases assign to only ONE social worker in the welfare offices and why isn’t there more regulations and investigations?
For example wouldn’t you think if a person needs to get drug tested to be considered a candidate for a job opening position wouldn’t they drug test these candidates who are receiving FREE money from the government which is technically a flow of the money of those of us who work for a living!?
I just think our system is so “stupidly organized” so pathetically organized that that’s part of the reason why our money flow isn’t at it’s best.
So your probably wondering why do I care or why even waist my time writing about this right?
Well here goes my story my mom was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage 4 (no she is not a smoker) and with that to our luck it is slow growing and hasn’t spread very far. So although it is not curable the fact that its slow growing can give her more time to live than someone who has a rapid growing lung tumor so we are trying to stay positive and enjoy anytime we have left with her.
Anyways like I was saying here she is a 45 year old lady who worked 3 jobs her whole life making good money and keeping her family stable. However with the cancer and treatment her doctor had requested she no longer work until the cancer was more “stable” so here she is no longer working and just finished up the last of her chemo at least until the resent test results to see what is our next step…
So here we are at the last of the testing of test needed for results of the chemo and when she gets out they tell us that we need to pay a total of 1,098 dollars for the exam!? So of course we are confused and ask them “Why? According to our understanding she worked so hard and made pretty good money that she was eligible for the “best” of medical insurances that give her no limits?” and the nurse says “yes that’s the one you have however it states here that you were only eligible for a percentage and so you have to pay this money out of your pocket” so of course I tell her it has to be incorrect so we call her social worker and the social worker states that this is correct because my mom gets a “good amount” of disability money that is good enough for her self and two boys she can pay half of that money for her medical expenses… So than my mom tells her “But mam half that money already goes to my rent what about bills and food? and the lady says “well have you tried food stamps? Wait you made to much to be eligible for that… Well mam I don’t know what to tell you the truth now in days rent is considered and luxury so they don’t really include the cost of it in your case, sorry mam that’s the cost that its going to be every month in order for you to be able to get your treatment…”
And for the most part that was the end of the conversation as I heard that I felt blood rushing to my head I can feel myself getting warm on my cheeks and I couldn’t believe that this lady just told us that “Now in days RENT is a luxury!” You have to be kidding me so a mom with only two kids (she has four but two of us are over 18) has to probably find a smaller place to live or to better state in “live under a dam bridge” in order to continue her treatment and add more life spam in order to continue to raise them!
I mean for god sakes like having cancer isn’t already bad enough!?
So I mean we will be okay Ill be doing my best to help her as much as I can (working two jobs and going to school) and I know that god is always by our sides. However I wanted to share this because I don’t think that our government has their system set up right and I think its unfair that those who truly need the help for example my mom who worked for most of her life time paying taxes to this country arnt the ones getting the help needed and instead its going to a bunch of free loaders living the good life, a life style better than we even are and we are the ones busting our bottoms for that money.
Just something to think about…