Hi my name is Kelsey, and I give all the fucks in this world😆🌏
I try too fucken hard,  I love too fucken hard, I care too fucken much, I’m too fucken nice, I talk too fucken much, I’m too fucken emotional, I scream, cry, laugh, and live too fucken much.
But Im okay with that, because I love who I am.
I never been more happy or comfortable in my own skin like I am today.
And I fucken love it! 🙌




After every girl and every lie.
Followed every excuse I could possibly make to believe that I was well deserved of the hurt you caused me.


This is for…
Every girl who’s had those late nights.
Who’ve stayed up waiting for him to call.
Who’ve smelled the perfume on his collar.
Who’ve seen the lip gloss on his lips.
Who’ve seen the pictures on his email.
Who’ve looked through his phone as he slept next to you, only to discover more lies.
Only to feel that you were not good enough for him…
as you ask yourself…
“What am I doing wrong?
What does she got that I don’t?
So you use the cheating as blame on yourself…
Allowing the love you felt to fource you into making excuses for him and using it all as an excuse to only try harder to impress him.

Word of advise… STOP.

You will never be good enough…
Not because your not good enough, but because you are too good for him, too good for him to ever see your worth through the bodies of those woman fullfilling his insecurities.
Know your worth!

He was choking her

He was choking her.

She was lost in his eyes not completely understanding what was drawing her in.

He gave her a kiss so deep, so passionate her lips began to feel numb, yet she just couldn’t resist.

He had her gasping for air, as he traced her body with his finger tips.

He was choking her, it was something she had never felt before.

She tried to control her breathing as his tongue explored her;

From her neck,

to her breast,

followed by her belly button,

down to her thighs and back up to her mouth.

He was choking her, kissing her softly, picking her up slowly, moving her in a rhythm that made her explode.

He was choking her, as he devoured her, filling her with so much love that she forgot how to breath.


Easter Morning…


Easter morning and I wake up with chills, as I lay on the bed wishing you were here.
Easter has always been the holiday that brought you so much joy, because you loved the atmosphere there was in the world.
You always shared with me your thoughts and said…
“Today just seems to bring unity in families and you can’t help but feel blessed.”
Last year Easter was just so cold and blue, as it fell on the Sunday of April 20th only two days before twenthy two.
As you laid there on your death bed with the hospice nurse by your side, she told us to celebrate today like everything was fine.
But how could we enjoy the holiday you loved so much, if you were in pain no longer able to look at us or say much.
I remember just holding you as I tried not to cry, my body so tired with no sleep or food to give it life.
Easter Sunday last year was a day of unity and love, but filled with so much pain as we waited for god to take you in his arms.
I didn’t feel peace, nor did I feel blessed, as you’ve always made me feel in the past because I was losing my bestfriend.
Yet here I am almost a year later on Easter morning, laying in bed, listening to your favorite songs, and in between all the tears and the pain I some how feel blessed.
I guess it’s because, I can still feel your presence.



I miss you mommy.

Getting lost in someone else…

You meet someone special who catches your eyes, you begin to commit as the days and months pass you by.
Your own mind begins to play games with your head, how can you possible count on him yet?
But you slowly give in…
You’re doing things you’ve never done before.
You’ve put so much time and effort with him, because it happened so naturally and seemed easy with him.
You see, it’s so easy to fall in the comfort of another’s arms because you’ve become vulnerable as you feel that connection of sparks.
So you give, and you give as you begin to get lost.
Then, the day comes along where something seems wrong.
You take a step back and begin to analyze…
The commitment your making is not bouncing back.
He says it’s due to the pain he once felt, yet he doesn’t seem to realize you’ve also been hurt once before.
You accept his excuses and cut him some slack, as you allow yourself to pour your heart out into his hands.
Trusting he’ll realize his feelings and get comfortable, as he sees your commitment and finds that you deserve so much more.
Only with time will you know what this is, yet you can’t help but wonder if time is what this needs.
Because you know your value and how special you are.
You know you deserve the very best, yet getting lost in someone else seems to feel better then locking your heart in a cage.


This was inspired by a good friend of mine. Who trusted in me to share her thoughts at four in the morning because she believes I’m brave for sharing mine with the world.
Thanks amiga, love you!