What does it take?


It’s 1:30 in the morning and I should probably be sleeping with the fact that I am suppose to be up at 5 in the morning to hit the gym…
If my friends are reading this…
Sorry guys I’ll see you Friday morning instead…
The truth is I was so tired after tonights gym session but then I watched a movie “Temptation” by Tyler Perry and oh man was it good…
But of course my psychological mind (I swear Im crazy sometimes) began to think, and I mean really think about cheating, cheaters, relationships that fall apart and “What does it take?” for them to fall apart and or work out after dramatic obsticles in their relationships…
I mean its a interesting thing, look at “The Notebook” in their story whats ment to be is ment to be so they found each other again…
So back to “Temptation”
I began to wonder if only had her husband appreciated her and cherished her noticed her instead of getting use to her being there then this guy would have never even caught her eye, then if the main actress  had not gotten HIV had she and her husband been able to work it out after they realized the issue? And then I began to wonder why does it have to go that far why do you need to break up or screw it all up before you realize what the issue was?
The truth is that this type of stuff happens more often then it should (except for the getting HIV part) people in this generation cheat like its the thing to do.
I met a girl once who cheated on her boyfriend of a long time with this guy that like in the movie excited her and made her feel “alive” she ended up getting pregnant by the other guy having to abort because he didn’t want anything to do with her and although the boyfriend never found out sadly they didnt end up working out either so she ended up alone.
I’ve met plenty of guys who cheat like CRAZY they have new girls all the time you’d think they were single.
I also knew a girl who cheated with in the group she hung out with while her navy boyfriend was out over seas and when he officially came back he proposed, she married him, they had a kid and it was like nothing happened?
But Ive also met people that have been lied to and cheated on and they have had it slapped in their face or have found out and end up letting it slide.
I had a friend once who’s boyfriend wouldn’t exactly cheat but would talk to multiple girls for a good while telling them he missed them, receiving pictures and just over all “trying hard” to impress them…
and yes she knew.
She would tell me that she felt it every time it started again she could feel it in her stomach and everytime she prayed “God if you please let me find proof if you please let me find out, I swear to you I’ll walk away and never look back” She’d tell me “I swear girl if I find out Im right then thats it forget him!”
and yes if you didnt already figure it out…
She would find out EVERY SINGLE TIME! Every time the proof was right in her face and she always forgave him.
Now he has changed alot and has fully dedicated him self as it seems and I use to wonder why she always went back but she saw something in him and Im glad they figured it out and I hope he never does it again.
For the most part I believe some people do cheat for a reason especially if they never have…
I mean imagine being with someone for a long time and he forgot your birthday like in the movie and someone else “the other guy” is sending you flowers…
How the hell are you suppose to feel?
See the thing is, is that most people  cheat because they are missing something or somethings are just so dull and not the same.
People for the most part get comfortable and after the honeymoon stage the romance just dies out…
I feel thats what leads most men and woman to look for excitement else where. I mean yes there is people that are just cheaters or as I like to call them “dogs” ha ha. However most people cheat because they found something in someone that showed them what they were missing.
I personally love romance, love is just a beautiful thing I believe in finding that special person that will give their life for you, that will put you before anything and just wake up every morning and appreciate that they have you by their side. I believe you should always keep the spark going mutually and make sure everyday that your making this person happy.
If then the person still cheats then they dont deserve you but if your not full filling what they need and appreciating them then you know what they say “You don’t know what you have till its gone”
In my conclusion I despise cheaters and liars and Im not perfect but any lie Ive ever told has made me disappointed on myself.
However I believe that everything that happeneds, happeneds for a reason and anyone who doesn’t appreciate you is only missing out on what someone else will be lucky enough to have…

and remember before you cheat or leave try and save it if he/she still dosnt listen then you at least know you tried.



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