Are you an over thinker?

Are you an over thinker?
Do you wonder; “What’s next?”
Do you find your mind taking control of it’s self making you feel like maybe you’re nuts?”
About 91% percent of you guys said yes to these questions.
So what should that tell you?
Well, you are not the only one who over thinks.
As a matter of fact, according to studies…
Men over think more than women, at the fact that us women express more and keep less of it bottled up inside.
And 91% of people over think and question everything in their lives.
So how do you stop this?
You can’t, it’s bound to happen.
Specially when you have goals, there is something you desire, or something is bothering you.
There is only one thing you CAN do…
Don’t let it take over you.
Learn to be a witness, in your own life. Once you’ve accomplish this, it is very beautiful to think.
Enjoy your own thoughts, after all some of them may be cool ideas on how to better your life.
When they seem a little crazy, or you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something…
Just listen, take it in, and make a note of it; but do not let them over shadow reality and/or your happiness.
Appreciate and admire your mind…
It’s just like going to a theater and watching a movie where we just witness the picture on the screen.
In the same way, just witness your thoughts.
The mind is something which is not understood by science even today.
It’s so complicated and so tremendously powerful at the same time with so much potential in it.
So stop trying to understand it, you WILL drive yourself crazy.
Just watch it, just watch the happening, do not judge, and do not see it like an enemy.
Just watch and allow it to complement your life for the better.
In the end always follow your heart and make decisions based on what you know you deserve and what’s going to make you happy.



She knew she feared something but couldn’t figure out what it was.
Maybe it was rejection, the idea of someone not wanting her was a bit hard to swallow for she had always been wanted by someone.
Maybe it was being alone, she had never been alone, for as long as she could remember there has always been someone there.
Maybe it was acceptance, she already knew that at times she tried too hard, she gave too much, she shared too much, she expressed too much.
She also knew that at times she was heartless, rude, careless and too honest.
So maybe, just maybe…
She feared rejection?
Maybe she feared loneliness?
or maybe…
She feared not being accepted?
But by who?
Maybe it was just atelphobia.
Atelphobia for her future, it sounded right but she still didn’t understand it.

Living the dream.

Stand by your people…


Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Know that all of our hearts move to the same beat.
Stop with the names, the descriptions, and the identity tags.
Know that we all are made of the same atoms and body fats.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Don’t let those in power take over and defeat our communities.
Don’t let them divide us and make us fight, as they watch in laughter and enjoy the motion picture they’ve created with us.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Remember we all come from the same theory of our origins, one’s we can not escape no matter how hard we try to deny.
We are all made of the same formulas and no matter our skin color, sex, or ethnicity we are one.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
Because we are all woman, men, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers and beautiful souls of the human race.
People who can unite and shatter their greed, as we destroy the xenophobia and racism we continue to practice in today’s society.
Stand by your people and we will succeed.
For we should all be reminded that we are all African, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and deserve the same rights.
Stand by your people and realize that catagorizing each other is the only obsticle stopping us from success and defeat.

In honor of Black History Month and in Celebration of all the beautiful people of our society,

Help yourself as you help other’s

Today’s society makes the simplicity of life a bit hard. It takes away from the important things in life and can truly take a tole on how to be a honest, loving, generous, humbled and good person.
Society has changed so much that everyone is trying too hard to be something their not instead of being them selves.

The truth is that it’s impossible for all of us to be the same.
Some of us are emotionally stronger then others.
Some have kinder hearts and are more humble, sympathetic, and giving.
Some of us are emotionally unstable that dealing with life is truly a challange.
Some of us are not confident, or we don’t know how to express ourselves that we live our lives lying trying to be something we are not.
We live our lives lying to others thinking we are doing them a favor not realizing we are only hurting ourselves.
And some people are just so ignorant and horrible that we see nothing wrong with the bad we do.

Unfortunately not all of our characteristics are always good and sadly some people will never find it in themselves to change, however some of us can take responsibility and better ourselves so that we don’t allow these people to affect our lives.

I personally am a big believer of fair chances, I give everyone that strolls through my life a fair chance by believing in them, trusting them and trying to see the good in them.
I’ve had people tell me that this is why people walk all over me but the truth is that I think we all have good within ourselves so I believe in others.
We just need to find it and approach it.
Some of us may make mistakes and if no one is believing in us then how are we suppose to see that we need to change our ways?

So what’s my point?

Well… (Sorry as you can tell I am a rambler)

My point is that weather we are trying to change our selves for the better or want to help someone else get better we must understand a couple of things…

1. Self responsibility.
2. Be open minded.
3. Accept our wrongs and the wrongs of other’s.
4. Don’t judge them or ourselves
5. Find a solution.

Self responsibility:

Self responsibility comes with in ourselves and no one else. If we want to change and better ourselves from something we have done or from how we use to be and view things then we must be responsible. We can sit here and blame others for how we are or what we have done but not only is this not true, it won’t get us anywhere.
This view on life doesn’t fix anything it only puts us in this unreal fantasy as we try to convince ourselves that we are good people or we have done right even though we KNOW we are not being the best US.

No matter the reasoning if you’re stuck in this situation you must get out of it.
Weather you KNOW in your heart and soul that you are correct you must be an adult. Realize that what is done is done and take it as a learning experience to better yourself. Take responsibility for what YOU can change and stop blaiming others.

Open minded:
This mostly pertains to those of you trying to help someone else.

Of course there comes a point where you realize that some people will never change and in those cases you just have to let them be and let them learn on their own.
But sometimes all a person needs is someone who can be open minded and who can believe in the potential that is with in them.
As for yourselves, it all depends on how you look at life.
Is the glass half full or half empty?
If you’re open minded and move forward with a positive mindset then that’s how you will accommodate positive change in your life.

Accept our wrongs and the wrongs of others:

Let’s start with you.
Have you done something you know wasn’t right?
Did you hurt someone and there is no way you can take it back now?

First off, it’s not the end of the world!
Second you are human and sometimes we make mistakes but it’s up to you how you move forward with it.
Accept your wrongs, learn from it so you won’t do it again and move forward. Ask for forgiveness even if it’s just out loud in your own presence and live. If you don’t forgive yourself or accept it, you are allowing it to haunt you for a long time or even the rest of your life.

Now, sometimes in this life we are so kind to other’s and those people hurt us, back stab us, take advantage of us, walk all over us, unappreciate us, and break our hearts.
Sadly this is all a part of life, it’s a pain that we are all going to feel at one point. It’s a painful situation in your life that scars you and truly leaves a mark and sometimes you never get the closure or apology you desire.
So what do you do?
Well dwelling or pouting for the rest of your life isn’t an option, so…
Accept the wrongs of those people, take a deep breath and tell yourself
“I forgive them”,
learn something from the experience, and move forward to find the happiness you deserve.
Don’t, I repeat DON’T let this hurt, anger, and sadness take over you!
Holding on to the pain will only hurt you and holding a grudge or hating someone takes up more energy then you need to use on someone or something that shouldn’t matter. 

Don’t judge them or ourselves:

Remember the saying don’t point the finger if the thumb is pointing back at you?

Well, like I said before we are all humans.
Don’t be ignorant to the mistakes of other’s by judging them because you don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoe’s and if you did you wouldn’t want to be judged either.
When we as human beings make mistakes we tend to already feel guilty or shameful for what we have done, therefor you judging them doesn’t make things any better.
Plus you’re not perfect so treat other’s like you hope to be treated if you were ever in their shoes.

Find a solution:

If your trying to help someone then be the friend they need and honestly say the words they need, or find the resources they need to better them selves and become the good people they want to be.

Now remember you can say you’re sorry a million times but that doesn’t mean you truly are unless you show it.
You can also lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink it.
So if you want to change then actually do it!
Don’t just say your sorry, BE sorry for all your wrongs, learn from them and don’t do it again.

Wishing everyone a beautiful journey to becoming a better YOU or making a difference into the life of other’s,