Until we meet again.Β 

“I think the hardest part of losing someone isn’t trying to say goodbye, it’s learning how to live without them that’s so unfavorable.” -Kbeautifulmind   
I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to my best friend from the moment they told us the cancer was terminal and every moment after that as we fought to pro long her life. 

Every doctors appointment, every ER visit, every chemo therapy, radiation therapy, and every sleepless night. I knew it. She tried to prepare me, she really did. 

For the most part I would always cry, but I was calm because she taught me to accept it through her peaceful and graceful way of facing it. 

She was one hell of a warrior! People think or say I’m strong, pphheewww they have no idea what strength is. She was like unstoppable! 

When the night of the 22nd hit, my life felt like it was crumbling at my feet and unfortunately those feelings comes back every once in a while and at random times. At night, in the car, at work, while cooking, in the shower, just at random. It’s painful every time, and at times even a bit frustrating. 

Any memory done with out her reminds me that she should be here and all the ones remembered with her break my heart that those were it. 

It’s like someone ripping off the bandaid again and reminding you that the wound is still there. I miss her like freaken crazy, and I told her it wouldn’t be easy…

“No matter how much you prepare me, the day you go it won’t be easy. When will I see you again? Talk to you? Hug you? When mom!?” 

And she said to me calm with grace in her voice; “Until we meet again…. That’s when.” πŸ˜πŸ’• 
So until then, I live. 

I live for her. 

At times in tears, fear, and plenty of stress. However, I live in strength, grace, and as resilient as possible just like she raised me. 

Until the day comes, that we finally meet again. 




You lost her.

You might have loved her, but you didn’t appreciate her.

Now she light’s up with fire and life in her heart again, thanks to her lover.

Her lover, who recognizes her beauty and sees her like the moon, he truly appreciates her.

You envy him.

She could have been your moon, but you were too busy chasing the dim lit stars.


He woke up and it was too darn early…
The alarm kept going off.
It was a gloomy morning, and it looked like it was going to rain.

He looked next to him and there she was, naked, laying on her stomach, with her curly hair all over the place.
As he watched her breathe and sleep so peacefully he could still see the scars on her back from the knife of her previous lover.
He caressed them softly and thought…

“I want to protect her. I could truly love her someday, I want to be the one to heal that heart so that she never feels pain again.”

She woke up, turned and looked at him.

“Good morning!” He said.

“Good morning handsome,” and she smiled.

“Have you been awake this whole time?”

“No, but I did wake up before you and I was just thinking, as I watched you sleep…”


“I was wondering… do you still feel the pain? Do you still remember him?”

She paused and saw it all in her head again, but it no longer moved her.

“I’ll never forget; How can you forget one of the most memorable lessons of your life?
You can’t, the lessons of life are our best teachers.” She smiled and kissed him softly.

In that moment he knew…
He knew that he could truly in deed love her someday, and that she would sincerely love him back and also heal his wounds.

“The broken pair”




After every girl and every lie.
Followed every excuse I could possibly make to believe that I was well deserved of the hurt you caused me.


This is for…
Every girl who’s had those late nights.
Who’ve stayed up waiting for him to call.
Who’ve smelled the perfume on his collar.
Who’ve seen the lip gloss on his lips.
Who’ve seen the pictures on his email.
Who’ve looked through his phone as he slept next to you, only to discover more lies.
Only to feel that you were not good enough for him…
as you ask yourself…
“What am I doing wrong?
What does she got that I don’t?
So you use the cheating as blame on yourself…
Allowing the love you felt to fource you into making excuses for him and using it all as an excuse to only try harder to impress him.

Word of advise… STOP.

You will never be good enough…
Not because your not good enough, but because you are too good for him, too good for him to ever see your worth through the bodies of those woman fullfilling his insecurities.
Know your worth!