My purpose

My name is Kelsey, but I sign my name as “kbeautifumind.”
I am a young woman with big dreams and desires of a bright future, and knowing that life isn’t easy I’ve learned to have patience and have learned to understand the saying…
“all things happen for a reason.”
I try my best to live my life with a positive mind set and always in faith and hope in others, and the understanding of life itself.
I’ve always been a writer, having my own journal to share my private thoughts has always been relaxing. Believe it or not I grew up a bit shy to speak to others or give my opinion in anything until I decided to become a writer. Even though grammar is a weakness, I felt as if I wasn’t getting anywhere if I didn’t share.
So I gave in and decided to compromise my privacy.
The ownership of things such as diaries and journals, is taken away once you choose to go public.
Your memories no longer belong to you, your words are an open field, accessible to all who are curious enough to read or listen.
As a writer you have to be willing to share your work, and sometimes even go unrecognized for the sake of the art. Writing is not about acknowledgement. It is about inspiring…
Causing somebody else to think, feel, or question something they haven’t before.
Taking the reader to a place as real as your mind is, and saying things they thought to themselves but have never dared to say.
So with that said I’d like to share with you my “Beautiful Mind.”
You see life is full of surprises, situations, and events that get thrown at us like a curve-ball when we least expect it. As another victim of life I’ve heard a lot, seen a lot, and experienced a lot, and just when I start to feel I’ve seen or heard it all, I learn something new every day.
Life is a cycle and there are times when we love it and times when we just don’t understand it. As human beings we are ambitious, we spend so much time planning, wanting, pursuing and wishing and when things do not go as planned we get lost; but what most of us need is just a little push to get us back on track. This is when we realize that it doesn’t matter how you plan it, life will always place you exactly where you need to be.
Therefore I have created this blog to be that little push and support that some of you might need. I am taking away my privacy and sharing my personal life experiences and thoughts because lets face it sometimes all we need is to see we are not the only ones going through something.
Don’t be afraid to contact me with any thoughts or advise!

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