Everything in this life takes sacrifice. 

The key to succeeding as an adult, is in what we give up. 

Sleep, friends, fun, sometimes even love…

just to keep promises we made, to follow our dreams, and to take care of business. 

We sacrifice it all for that one moment, when you finally accomplish your goals, keep your promises, and are working in the field you love. 

Everything in this life takes sacrifice, and those sacrifices are for the most part always worth your while. 



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  1. The beuty of it all is that its not the destination that matters, its the journey. Without the journey there is no destination. No growth. And yes, trade-offs must be made. Sacrificizing that which gives us satisfaction, wether it be emotional or phisical, for a higher cause is something that requires great strenght. I commend your sacrifice, and I congratulate you with the outmost respect for having overcome all those hurdles in your life. For having the courage to keep chewing on those sour chocolates that tasted otherwise gross.

    PS – Perhaps the bad chocolates from that one box would be to your liking if you had a glass of warm milk to go along with them. Unless of-course you’re lactose intolerant.

    Hope your next box of chocolates comes with much tastier options.


    1. Thank you very much!
      I love the humor LOL I am not lactose intolerance but I have also never been that big of a fan of milk only with cereal I guess? and chocolate chip cookies LOL
      Thank you for the kind words I appreciate it!

  2. Like many things in life, I’m just passing by.
    Im Danny, pleased to make your acquaintance miss Beautiful Mind.

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