The test of love…

When it’s good, it’s good. 

Emotions are running with the both of you. 

You’re so happy, you promise her the moon and the stars. 

You tell her you’ll always be the one to protect her, and never leave her sight. 

But, that’s not love. 

The test of love comes in when, 

you know what upsets her and what brings her peace. 

You know how to define all the little things that bother her, and how you can make her happy.

You know how to be her escape and peace of mind. 

The test of love comes when, life tests you as a man during a storm. 

If you pass or fail is defined when…. 

You never leave her side and know how to get her back to safety… 


If you run like a coward and forget all the promises you made to protect her. 



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