Revenge is petty, hatred is a waist of energy, and trying to understand evil is hopeless.
Just remind yourself, karma will take care of them.

Favorite Garden


Today I took a walk in our favorite garden.
First time we discovered this place was as a family.
Second time I came here you asked me to bring you.
We grabbed lunch and spent the evening here just talking, and I almost chocked on my food.
You said, “Dios mio, you can’t die, then I die, then the kids would really be screwed!”
I laughed so hard my rice came out my nose.
I came here today because you been on my mind a lot, I miss you.
Everything is way harder than I thought, and I don’t even know if I’m doing it right?
I have accepted that you’re gone but sometimes I just want to feel you, to know you’re there, one more talk?
and nothing….
It gets very frustrating…
I wish you’d knock something over in the room, or make the lights flicker, something…?
I know wearing your ashes around my neck gives me a piece of mind, but sometimes I just want to feel you, and when I get nothing I begin to feel hopeless as I see no reassurance that you are there.
As I walked today, remembering you laugh, your funny jokes, and how annoyed you’d get when I kiss or hugged you “too much,” I ran into this heart, not sure who took their time to make it, but I think this was the sign I needed.
Glad to know you are still here♡

I want to be.


I want to be the only one in the room to grab your attention. The one that shows up and makes the rest of these females irrelevant. I want to be your best friend, the only person who best understands your energy and needs. The one that means so much to you, that even when I’m not around you’ll live to respect and please. I want to be your smile, happiness and what makes you feel complete. I want to build a bond so strong that nothing in today’s society can ever break us up. I want us to have the honesty, respect and trust that people envy. I want to be the one you never get bored or tired of, and no matter what life throws at us, I want to be the one you’ll never give up on.