She was the balloon🎈

He was just a kid.
Still young, unsure, with the desire to continue to be playful.
A little boy with a beautiful balloon.
She was the balloon, she had the helium, the power was in her hands.
When a little boy gets such a unique and rare balloon, he doesn’t know what to do with it.
He feels lucky enough to have at least one balloon but doesn’t understand why he just can’t have them all, so he takes it for granted.
He is holding that string and keeping the balloon from going anywhere, but he also wants to let it go.
So he wants to let it go, and he wants to catch it.
He isn’t sure of what he wants, eventually he loses it.
Unfortunetly that’s the one thing he was sure of, he didn’t want to lose it.
(Inspired by “The helium balloon”-Wale)


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