Stop walking in darkness

I have always known I was very fortune to have been raised by a woman like my mom.
I know most of us love our mom’s or dad’s and in our eyes they are the best parents anyone could ever ask for.
But I don’t like to sit here and just state I had the best mom in the world.
I can honestly say that God gave me the best mom in the world for ME.
You see my mom was truly a warrior. Her way of thinking and living life is something that not only has made a positive difference in my life but has also maid a positive difference in the life of others.
She was the kind of person that told it like it is but not to be some “rude” person who says
“That looks ugly on you” just because she dislikes you or has envy for you.
She didn’t speak ignorance, she always kept the other persons feelings in mind and did what she could to truly help them.
She spoke from the heart, she always wanted what was best for those around her and was definitely the perfect friend to have who believed in you despite what you had done or didn’t do.
She lived life with such a positive mind set that she has inspired me and many of those who were lucky enough to be a part of her life to do the same.

I can truly sit here and say I (Kelsey) got super lucky to have been fortunate to be the daughter of that woman because who I am is truly something I couldn’t have been with out her by my side.

From her I have learned to love and see the good in everyone.
To help other’s even if they don’t appreciate it.
To believe in myself no matter what.
But most of all…
She taught me the true meaning of life, something that some people take years to figure out or that unfortunately never figure it out.

Over the past couple of years I wasn’t technically myself anymore. I became very bitter and negative twords life and the plans of God. I’d victimized myself and with negativity I’d ask the same questions over and over again…
“Why me?
What did I do to deserve this?”
I was truly lost and for a while really believed god was being unfair.
Now that my mom is gone and I have still been through a couple of hard times in this life, I am proud to say I am finding myself again. I have decided to stop walking in the darkness and even though she isn’t physically here, I KNOW she is walking me through it.

I have reviewed my life and have decided to focus on what matters.
I now have rediscovered what I have always known.
I know my value, I know my worth and I see my fortunes.
I now wake up happier, and so gratful to be breathing, to be healthy and with the motivation to keep pushing to only get healthier and become happier.

Therefore I write this personal post to give you all some adivse just like my mom would have told anyone in need of it.

The secret to this thing we call life is to find it in yourself to see the good in everything. What you “think” may be something tragic is truly just what you need for your life to progress and become something even better.
What may seem like a bad day, is just a little bump on the road to prepare you for the good to come. Remember that you must stop walking in darkness if you desire to walk in the light. Be gratful and stay humble, appreciate what you have and strive for better because it’s what you need not just what you want. Do what you love and walk in your path of life with your dreams and happiness in mind. See the good in all of your hard times, and get what you can out of them as you use it all to better yourself and your life.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,


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