What Cancer can not do:


Hello everyone! It feels good to be back, semester is over so that’s a relief and will give me a little more time to myself 🙂
Mother’s Day is also around the corner and Im so grateful my momma is here with me to celebrate the wonderful woman she is. You know not so long ago when I found out about her cancer I could feel it destroying me, making me loose hope and faith.However I managed to get it back…
Because the truth is that Cancer can not do many things after all it ends up being the weakest disease there has ever been.
So your probably wondering What is it that cancer can not do?
Cancer cannot cripple love. There is nothing in the world that can destroy true love, weather its family, or a romantic lover, when the love is true and its that feeling that’s tattooed on your heart it stays there forever weather that person is around or not. The love I have for my mom is so strong that nothing or anyone could ever take that away from me.
Cancer cannot shatter hope. Hope is something that also just lives in your heart because no matter how hard life may be on you at times, if you have hope you truly have everything.
Cancer cannot dissolve faith. Faith is in the air we breath, faith is what keeps many of us going as we remind our selves that things will turn out just the way they need to be.
Cancer cannot destroy peace. If peace is and has always lived within the person, no matter the drama or issues that person manages to relax and view life differently.
Cancer cannot suppress memories. There is nothing in this world that will ever take away any of the memories my mom and I have made and will continue to make together.
Cancer cannot silence courage. I know that from experience being the daughter of the strongest woman I have ever met and watching her fight and destroy all the bad feelings and energies that try to surround her as she makes it known and as it shows in her person that she will not allow anything to stand in her way.
Cancer cannot invade the soul. Having cancer has made my mom relive and remember how lucky she is for another day and how wonderful she is as a person who deserves nothing but the best.
Cancer cannot destroy us and if we feel like it is we must stop it and not allow it. Because you may have been the unlucky one and trust me I know… IT SUCKS! However you can make the best of it reminding yourself how Important everyday is and how grateful you are to be here.
Thank you for reading;


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