Im right and your wrong and there is nothing you can do about it.


“Argument is the peace you cannot seem to find with the discomforts with in yourself” -me

.I was arguing/debating with a friend the other night about a personal issue that was with in me, something that bothers me and as much as I feel I have let it go the fact that people are so ignorant to understand why when its brought up it upsets me… Is still a issue to me.
You know what I can not stand? Liars… You guys are probably thinking “Hypocrite” yes I am, because I have lied a couple of white lies and some big lies… However I personally hate liars and people who are full of bull and act so fake, I also hate pity and I feel like all of this comes from pity! People who can’t man up and let you know how it is…
However like I said I have done it And I am sure we all have so I feel that once you have failed at that step its time admit you were wrong, ask for forgiveness (if you want it) and show the person you lied to it will never happen again! However sadly this world dosnt work that way, reason why our political parties could never come together as one, why parents and teenagers have never ending drama, and also the reason why AMAZING relationships go down the drain.
So arguments will continue with people as long as they need to until someone steps up to the plate and lets it go… No matter how much a person may be mad, seem like they hate you, tell you your worthless, no matter what… If you step down from the argument accept their decisions/answers, then the better you can live with yourself.
You see expertise isn’t really necessary in order to present a valid argument or intelligent opinion. The necessity here is maturity. After all people don’t say “If you want to show a good impression to someone be mature and polite and never argue about religion or debate” for no reason; Why is that? Because arguments get you no where! They strap you down to your seat filled with drama from the past or a “in the moment” issue that in a couple of hours like the past won’t mean anything!
Best way to fix this…
Let go of whatever is bothering you “forgive others like you’d like to be forgiven if ever in their shoes”
Let it go and work on it on your own for dealing with someone else’s mouth and trying to get them to realize or understand is pointless.
Last but not least if you cant forgive let it go.


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