Back to that same old place

Hello everyone;

I’m honestly not sure if I have any regular readers but If I do I’d like to thank you all for reading.

and If I have regular readers than you all know it has been a while since I have written, the truth I have been very busy with school and work and well just plain old life. As a matter of fact I should be doing homework right now but I really felt like writing,smile.

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe

There is something I have been thinking about for these past days…

I have heard before that we are all destined to live our lives a certain way. I never been a believer of that…

I have always believed that you make your own destiny and what happens to you only happened to you as a result of a decision you made to get there.

I mean could it really be possible that we were born into this world to live a certain way and no matter what we do to try and change it, it will just fall right back into that “same old place”?

I can honestly say that I still do not believe that’s possible…

However sometimes life seems to feel this way…

I like all of us have some regrets in life as well as mistakes I know I have made but for the most part I have learned and asked for forgiveness and if not forgiven I forgave myself and tried to move forward. I also know that some of the worst things that have happened to me with time have to be my karma for any pain I have caused others and myself.

Could it be possible that it is all karma?

I mean there is nothing super awesome about me that makes me better than anyone else but I do know that even after all my flaws and personal issues I make a pretty cool human being and some people would be lucky to have me in their lives.

I still cannot help but feel like no matter how much I try to run away, ignore, or leave the presence of people who are negative, I keep coming back to that same old place. So of course that brings me back to myself and wondering if I’m that bad of a person to deserve such people by my side or if these are the kind of people I attract.

Than I think of my location and my future looks more blurry than it ever has it seems like every day I wake its just a repeat of yesterday and will only repeat its self again tomorrow…

Just back to that same old place…

I ALWAYS say I need to leave this town and eventually I will, I just need the courage to just pack my bags and go and start it all over where no one knows my name.

So till than this place may be the same old place but its definitely not the same old day and I just need to stay positive.

Even though times get hard, and the people by my side arn’t the most appreciative of having me by their side I think that I need for things to happen the way they do, so that I could open my eyes and learn. Learn, grow, and change. Everyday I get the chance to wake I get a chance at another day to better myself, and become the person I was meant to be.

and with this I leave you…

If you are reading this and you don’t feel like your getting anywhere or people around you arnt really appreciating you weather it is your boss, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, sibling or even children do not feel like its your fault. Don’t let these hard times in your life make you feel like your not worth much or even like you deserve it just let it all be a reason to know that you will only continue to become a better YOU.

and that even if you are stuck in the same old place, times will get better and those who do not appreciate you might not be lucky enough to some day even know you.

Thank you for reading;



2 thoughts on “Back to that same old place

  1. God gives and god takes I away to test your fait. God will help you but, he will first test you by taking all the good, and give you the worst. Keep fait and he will help you, he has a plan to help you to the path you want to take

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