Road rage in your destiny

Today as I woke up at six thirty in the morning I began to think of what my day would be like…

I told my self “Today you BETTER be productive!”

My plan was…

I would go to work for my shift

go to school to buy a book I need for my class

come home open up my email and start reviewing the files for my research on “Road Rage” which by the way was not my interest AT ALL but I got stuck with it.

eight hours later after work…

I came straight home forgot to stop by the book store and with no interest in my research homework put it aside and took a little nap…

productive? I think not!

I woke up feeling very tired realizing I had not ate all day and I still had to work on my research.

“Ugh I’m so tired who in the world wants to do research on road rage right now? My hole life is a road rage… I’m the car and the traffic is… what is my traffic?”

The road rage to my destiny…

You know I use to have a very good life plan for myself I thought I had it all figured out from my carrier, to my future family, as well as how many kids and when and also where I would live and practice my profession; In my mind my destiny was set.

One day or at least as it seems my life made a U turn and along came the road rage, what seem like a plan was now the wrong way, or at least as it seemed, I was running low on gas to top it off there was so much bad traffic that I was so angry at everyone that got in my way.

I had to change a lot of things starting with ME…

Could it be true that we all have a destiny? and do we as individuals choose to follow it or is it just set up for us?

This is a question that haunts me every time I make a decision even if it is something as small as “When am I going to get started on this research project?”

The truth is I do not know what to believe sometimes, because just when things seem right they are all wrong and just when the road seems clear you look again and here comes the traffic…

all I know is that I no longer live to much by a plan or in a goal to please others before I am pleased myself, I no longer am going to blame my life on the traffic or allow for the bad driver in front of me to get the best of me..

I know in my mind my goals are clear and eventually I will get exactly to where I need to be, so whats the point of tail gating, honking or allowing the traffic and cars get to you?

There is no point to road rage in your destiny.

So if your reading this remember to go out today and be your best. Don’t try to be like others, just be you. Work on your gift and what you are good at. When you drive on the road of your creative zone then you will be more confident. When you are focused on your purpose you will be in your zone and you will see things like never before.

Time to get to researching;



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