Confidence doesn’t seek validation, only insecurities do. 



I am the daughter of an immigrant 

I am the daughter of an immigrant.

I am the prayers she whispered as she crossed and left her country.

I am the pursuit of happiness that led her to the unfamiliar.

I am the sacrifice she made as she dealt with betrayal, abuse, and discrimination.

I am the encouragement that didn’t let her give up when in frustration, as she struggled with her tongue because she didn’t speak the “native” language.

I am the voice she didn’t have when belittled and forced to be silent due to fear and embarrassment.

I am the hope for that dream; that better life she chased that was supposed to be on the other side.

I am the daughter of an immigrant, and its my job to represent her with pride.


Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. 

Say goodbye to those who hurt you, envy you, disrespect you, and betray you. 

Always protect your innocence and your soul, because in the end it’s you and yourself that matters. 

Your inner self has to be emotionally healthy and stable, in order for you to be able to shine and be the very best you! 


Advise of the day 

As I age and learn: I’ve come to realize how important it is to stay true to who I am as I give myself the room to grow; all while protecting my space and energy. 

I’ve come to realize that it’s okay to be cautious of who I let in, and to not feel bad if I chose to not associate myself with others or give them my time and energy. 

I’m not a bad person for that, I’m protecting myself and loving myself. 

I don’t need to give an explanation on why I am how I am, and why some people just don’t make the cut to be in my personal space with those I hold close in my life. 

Your life, time and energy is your home! 

Not everyone should be allowed to go into your private room.

Some people are only good enough for the living room…

Others are only good enough for the yard…
And some, some have these vibes that just don’t mesh with yours and they need to stay in the street and as far away as possible!

It’s a way of protection. 

Let them be who they are, but away from your space. 

So, I advise you all to be picky, be true, be humble, and divide your energy wisely. 

Don’t let just anyone have that privilege.